Xinyue Optoelectronics: High-efficiency COB light source with PCT injection molding dam debuted at 2014 High-tech Lighting Exhibition

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Xu Chaopeng] High-profile LED industry event--2014 Gaogong LED Lighting Exhibition will be held in Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair Exhibition Hall on September 26-28, Shenzhen Xinyue Photoelectric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xinyue Optoelectronics”) The new PCT injection molding dam high-efficiency COB light source series model XY-01-357W will be exhibited at the exhibition. It is reported that this series of COB light source products have many excellent characteristics and can be widely used. LED lighting fixtures in different fields.

As an important part of the LED industry, the LED packaging industry is always in the stage of rapid replacement of new materials and new processes, and the supporting materials that play a key role have gradually highlighted its important position. It is reported that the current LED package bracket is mainly composed of plastic, copper, etc. The key part of heat resistance is plastic material, and the main plastic materials used at present are PPA, PCT, EMC and so on.

"This COB light source uses PCT material to inject the dam, which can effectively prevent the mechanical external force damage during the installation of the lamp. The dead light rate can be reduced by more than 60%, and the luminous efficiency of the light source product is also improved." Zou Yiming, general manager of Xinyue Optoelectronics told Reporter, the PCT material used in this COB light source is superior to the existing PPA material in high temperature endurance, high temperature long time yellowing, reflectivity, and UV radiation resistance.

According to the reporter, this type of COB light source can be used in downlights, spotlights and track lights. Its pressure resistance reaches 3000V, thermal resistance is less than 8°C/W, and its service life is up to 30,000 hours. At the same time, this product has a very high cost performance, and is superior to the similar COB light source products on the market in terms of product quality and reliability.

“The light-emitting area of ​​this COB light source is more accurate and stable. The hardness of the light-emitting surface colloid is lower than that of conventional COB products, and the hardening speed is slow, so the service life will be more durable.” Zou Yiming said that this light source product eliminates COB rubber. Bake and other packaging links, thus greatly improving production efficiency and stability.

Since its launch, Xinyue Optoelectronics' PCT injection molding dam high efficiency COB light source of XY-01-357W has been well received and recognized by many customers in the market. According to Zou Yiming, the current output of this company's light source products is above 20,000 PCS.

"In the field of LED lighting, Xinyue Optoelectronics is optimistic about the development prospects of COB light source in the future commercial lighting field." Zou Yiming told reporters that the future LED industry will pay more attention to the quality of light source products, and Xinyue Optoelectronics will continue to focus on products. Improve the quality, and return more LED industry customers with more quality products.

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