Which TV box sales are high? Four hot box recommended

Although the TV box is now popular home appliances, but which is better? Everyone has their own answer. Xiao Bian thinks that the high-volume box is a good box, after all, the user's word of mouth is the most important. Which TV box sales are high? Xiao Bian recommends these four hot boxes for everyone.

The first time users purchase Internet TV boxes are always beset by such a problem, "I don't know what brands of boxes are good." So what brand of network set-top box in 2015 is good? Today, I would like to recommend four TV boxes with the best sales. Not only are they cost-effective, but they are also reasonably priced. They have a very good reputation and trustworthiness in the entire network.

Taijie WE20S Reference price: 329 yuan

Tage WE20S

The Tektronix WE20S is an online HD set-top box that takes the quality route, using today's mainstream and powerful processors and high-speed flash memory. Watch live and video play "stable", "fluent", "no card", adhere to the "boutique" concept. Each box needs to go through a rigorous inspection of more than 7 days before it is listed. Therefore, watching TV live and video playback is very smooth and is loved by many users.

Huawei glory box standard version Reference price: 258 yuan

Huawei Glory Box Standard Edition

Huawei Glory Box Standard Edition is small and exquisite, exquisite workmanship is very likable, hardware configuration and functional performance are also very strong, with the advantage of GITV, provides a lot of genuine high-quality video resources to users, the perfect compatibility of third-party applications, making users have Richer online experience. The reputation of Huawei's box in the Jingdong Mall is also above 95%.

Millet box mini version Price: 199 yuan

Millet box mini version

Millet box mini version is Xiaomi TV hardware equipment released by the company, its black appearance, and the exclusive logo of the millet Logo, placed in any corner of the family does not seem abrupt, millet box is the main game box, millet comes with the game The handle can also be enough for the user to experience the game. Its high-end hardware can be called a home game console.

Tianmin T2 quad-core reference price: 199 yuan

Tianmin T2 quad-core

The Tianmin T2 quad-core version is a fighter in quad-core products. The Mortimer T2 quad-core high-definition set-top box is equipped with Actions ATM7029 quad-core Xeon processor, 1G DDR3 high-speed memory, 8G flash memory. The box uses Ali cloud OS system, the system runs smoothly, the mainstream format of the video can be decoded. With CCTV's CNTV and Hangzhou Broadcasting (Hua number of media) two national television agencies licensed genuine HD broadcast source.

The network TV box is a very good smart home appliance. Compared with the wide-area set-top box, it has unparalleled advantages and brings you a very shocking visual effect, whether it is the fluency of the hardware configuration of the box or the interaction of resources. There are complementary effects. Have to give the Internet TV box a high score. In the four kings of Jingdong Mall, did you find the box you wanted?

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