Voice control box, Glory box Pro interpret box new chapter

When I am at home, I think that everyone who does the most is chasing dramas to watch variety shows. For a long time before, this way can only be watched through the Internet. With the continuous deepening of the Internet, how to better The convenience of watching videos has become a requirement of people. Without a doubt, the speed of development of TV boxes as a visual artifact in our development is extremely fast. In fact, the source of the TV box is still to meet the viewing needs of consumers. Many people will call this year the first year of 4K. The update of the box is a necessary step, but there are not many boxes on the market that can perfectly solve the 4K decoding. As the only domestic manufacturer who insists on developing the box from the chip, Glory has just launched its own glory box Pro, which is currently the vanguard of the first group army in the domestic TV box.

In terms of packaging, the Glory Box Pro is consistent with other glory boxes we see, using a glorious blue package, followed by Hi in the upper right corner to show that it is to support the glory of the latest smart home system, and on the back is some of it. Parameter information, and I got this glory box Pro model HiTV-M1, white.

As we all know, the glory box Voice released at the end of last year won a lot of applause from the industry for its excellent size and outstanding design. Of course, this also reflected on the purchase of consumers. Half a year passed and only Jingdong Mall was used. According to the data, the number of drying orders reached nearly 180,000, and the favorable rate reached 97%. This is a remarkable achievement. The design language of the Glory Box Pro is similar to that of the Honor Box, and the positive frosted pearls are added. The words on HONOR are both simple and generous, with the size of the palmprint only.

At the bottom, the design idea of ​​the Glory Box Pro is also a thousand-fold folding scheme. In addition to the design of two thick cushions, the bottom of the gray echoes with the white part. The whole looks very square. After the metamorphosis of the corners, it was not so dull, but also increased the value of the face to a certain extent. The color of the white ash can be well adapted to various homes. After all, the TV box is now separated from the simple meaning of just a box. More will become a bright spot in the home.

USB, HDMI2.0, RJ45, traditional AV three-point interface and power interface are centralized in the tail of Glory Box Pro. It is sufficient from the perspective of expanding performance. Compatibility also meets the different needs of different users. USB design believes Taking into account the size of 4K video, you must use mobile hard disk for storage of high-definition video, so the USB interface is a must, in addition, the installation of APP also need to use.

Glory Box Pro uses an unconventional 12-button remote control. Compared with the conventional 11-key, the voice control button is designed in the middle position. It is very convenient to use, and the matte handle is also good. The top hole is the microphone hole. , It uses a Bluetooth remote control design, compared with the traditional infrared remote control, Bluetooth remote control is not affected by the signal block, in addition, the user can also control the box through the phone, but also very convenient.

Glory Box Pro parts list, in addition to the remote control and the box, also provides HDMI cable and power adapter, the specification is 5V2.1A, 10W power can guarantee the normal operation of the box to provide external devices with more stable power protection .

With the rapid development of the Internet, in addition to providing us with more ways to watch videos, a large number of yellow gambling videos are also flooding the entire Internet. In order to ensure the purity of online videos, from the beginning of last year, there has been a top-down cleanup. The cyber action was initiated by the relevant parts of the country, and in this, the TV box as a third-party media embarked on the cusp, and many people are talking about such a thing: as a TV box for new things, because it came to an end ? In the author's view, this is not a bad thing. As new things only have a new way out of reform in the process of development. Compared with manufacturers, the survival of the fittest is itself a matter of heaven. Under such a tide, more quality boxes will be surging. Stand out in the tide.

Of course, the small manufacturers, especially the manufacturers of those cottages, have fallen in recent years, and have closed customs. After nearly a year of rectification, the atmosphere of the entire box market is obviously much better. From the author's point of view, the reason for the glory box Pro is In the tide of reforms, it is not unrelated to its partners. First, Glory Box Pro cooperated with CIBN (China Radio and Television Network) to ensure the legitimacy of video sources, and secondly, Galaxy Kiwi, Cloud video and aurora, Mango TV, and other video sources to join (first use need to first download and install), and fully guarantee the diversity of its video, this box is in line with the national net of the purpose of the action of the box, of course, users also like At least as a result of the 80's strongest purchasing power, it is at a time when three generations are in the same room. Children watch videos with security. Parents watch videos with coverage. This is the case that both Pro-Glory Boxes are in compliance.

Speaking of innovation before, this is not just an external signal. TV box manufacturers are also innovating. The response is configuration. In Glory Box Pro, 2GB/8GB of memory is a standard option, plus ImprexTM. The chip-quality enhancement technology shows quite good results. Today, 4K TVs have reached a popular year. The current price of 4K TVs in the market is very good, so when updating TVs, updating the boxes is also inevitable for consumers. Choose, of course, someone will say smart TV's current APP support is also very good, but professional equipment to do professional things, glory box Pro is here to show what you do, the video source to me! So in the show In effect, Glory Box Pro's decoding capability is still very good.

The configuration of the glory box Pro has already been introduced, and it will not be described here. As the display quality is enhanced, the display effect is quite good. The author himself uses a 4K TV set, with the glory box Pro being the best. In terms of partner and decoding capability, neither the Blu-ray hard solution that many boxes dare to touch, nor the hard solution of 4K, is not a challenge under the decoding capability of the Glory Box Pro.

With the coverage of the video source, there is quality assurance. For the box, we always think that it has more intimate functions. I think that voice recognition is a very good feature, as the starting point for us to purchase the box now. Of course, our own viewing needs are a key point, but the needs of children and the elderly are already a standard consideration for a family of three generations. If the problem arises, children will not choose according to adult thinking. Video, the elderly can not quickly get started with such advanced technology. For such problems, Glory is considered very thoughtful, so we can see from the end of 2015, Glory launched the box are equipped with voice control functions, of course, the selected back-end support for the University of Science and Technology News - domestic first voice Identify the manufacturer. Based on this confidence, Glory Box Pro's voice control really achieved voice interaction. In addition to the simple selection of video, the instructions such as fast forward to the next episode when watching videos can be identified very quickly, and more importantly, glory. This function has also been extended to the user's post-installed APP. Nowadays, more software adaptations have been carried out. I think this is the real human-computer interaction, and it is also the beginning of our need to purchase boxes.

In recent years, as the functionality of the box has become more powerful, more and better functions have appeared on the box. Multi-screen interaction is such a fun and interesting function. Glory Box Pro also provides this function.

All you need is a mobile phone that supports multi-screen interaction. Take glory phones as an example. As long as you support multi-screen interaction, you can directly open the multi-screen interactive function in the drop-down menu. Finding my Glory Box Pro will complete the binding, and then on the phone. What interesting videos, pictures, etc. can be directly pushed to the box through the multi-screen interactive function. Of course, as long as the mobile phone supports multi-screen interaction on the line, it does not necessarily need to honor the mobile phone, using a multi-screen interactive direct link glory box Pro on the line, is it easy and simple?

It is true that many people will say that the development trend of the current box is not clear. As I said earlier, new things are not afraid of the tide of reform. As the television box that has risen in recent years, the diversity and coverage of video sources It has been greatly enhanced. However, in this wave of top-down box reforms, we prefer to see that what is not lost is dross, what is left behind is the essence, and glory is clearly realized in the flood of this reform. This point, after actively participating in genuine video sources, Glory has also profoundly rethought the needs of the box, and Glory Box Pro was born in this environment, I believe if you have used its voice control, Will not put it down, and I think the glory box Pro has opened a new chapter in the TV box!

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