UMI, France uses Ai Siqiang MOCVD system to produce nitride alloy materials

Ai Siqiang announced that its UMI Georgia Tech-CNRS (hereinafter referred to as "UMI") from Metz, France, has ordered a new 3x2 inch Near Coupling Sprinkler® (CCS) MOCVD system for major production. Nitride alloy development materials for lighting sources, solar cells, sensors and other applications. The Aixin European Service Team has completed the installation and commissioning of the new reactor at a dedicated clean room in the Georgia Institute of Technology, Europe, in Metz.

Professor Abdallah Ougazzaden, Director of MI Georgia Tech-CNRS, said: "The near-coupling sprinkler system is perfectly matched to our development in the semiconductor market for gallium nitride and indium nitride for lighting sources, solar cells, sensors and other applications. R&D planning in the field of boron nitride and related alloy materials."

UMI's scientific research achievements are outstanding, and will actively participate in research projects at home and abroad, mainly in the field of safety networks and optical and electronic innovation materials. UMI is an international research institute jointly established by the Georgia Institute of Technology and the French National Research Center (CNRS) to deepen joint research in the field of telecommunications and innovative materials. Research projects include optoelectronic signal encryption technology, secure transmission of optical and wireless systems, nonlinear optical technology, new materials and nanomaterials for photonics and electronics, multi-functional materials, ultrasonic characterization of materials, and new ultrasonic sensor development.

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