Toshiba Releases Audio Codec IC for Mobile Devices

Toshiba Corporation announced that it will release an audio codec IC that integrates the audio functions required for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, including microphone input, headphone speaker amplifiers, and stereo headphone amplifiers. And line output. The new TC94B24WBG is available now and is scheduled for volume production in March 2013.

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Toshiba's patented single-microphone noise and echo cancellation technology for TC94B24WBG enables high-quality sound of mobile devices during hands-free calling, such as video telephony.

Main feature

Toshiba's patented single microphone noise and echo cancellation technology

Integrated headphone speaker amplifier, headphone amplifier and line out

Integrated audio post-processing (equalizer, dynamic range controller)

Programmable DSP core: CEVA-TeakLite-III(*)

(*) CEVA-TeakLite-IIITM is a trademark of CEVA Corporation.


Audio processing for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets

Main specifications Part number: TC94B24WBG

4-channel digital microphone interface

2-channel A/D converter for analog microphone input

Class G headphone amplifier, headphone speaker amplifier, line amplifier

Asynchronous sample rate converter (for one-way stereo channels):

8 kHz to 48 kHz sample rate

Audio DSP: volume control, mixing, MUX

During the call: single microphone noise and echo cancellation

During audio playback: equalizer, dynamic range control

I2S audio interface: 4 input / output ports

I2C bus interface supporting fast mode (400 kHz) / SPI interface mode (1MHz)

Package: WCSP 79-ball 0.5mm pitch

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