The site of the first sun standard UP2716D high cost HKC Huizhou B7000 professional monitor evaluation

Installed posts inside the little face of the display revealed at the time also intended to be a special evaluation, there are users also commented and said waiting to see, so pay close attention to finishing the photo sent up today, hoping to catch up with the public screening time for me to increase A little weight....Although it's estimated that the saliva of the hope

This set of twists and turns from orders to out of stocks to persuade returns to later forget about the sudden arrival of the monitor so long, the most important reason is of course the price of the target DELL UP2716D up to 6000+, can be seen from my installed style Landlords are the kind of landlords who are willing to use good things, but often they are not high-end, that is, they are limited in income. Although the interest is in some places and the specifications are not compromised, they often compromise on prices. For example, 512G NVME I bought. The work package Toshiba is not as direct as the National Bank 950PRO won 1T.....

I remember that the first display of Life's installed capacity was a 14-inch CRT from Philips (about 96 years ago, 30 years later...), and after that, the flat-screen monitor gave me a lot of shock, AOC 17 inches, and then 19, 21-inch are replaced, and Mitsubishi Diamond Handan, SONY Trinitron is no doubt the king of the year, but at that time can only be selected instead of the original brand (it seems not more than 20 years Progress, has not been able to buy the best and most expensive ... fail it)

In the LCD era, two ordinary LCDs were used. Until there was a chance that in 2004, when a domestic shipment of Fujitsu P19 and P20/21 monitors appeared, it was decided to change the size of the two computers in the home. The wide-angle screen display that few people use that year, MVA screen, although the color is not IPS bright, but at that time IPS is still hot and hot (temperature heat), MVA black position is excellent, wide viewing angle, plum petals to meet the psychological needs, used In 3 or 4 years, the 24-inch LG IPS screen of the apple monitor was replaced by a third-party assembled monitor. Later on, the T7000+ market watched and started to evaluate, and it has been in service until now. At that time, the monitor was quite cost-effective. Word of mouth is very good, but the biggest personal feeling is that there is no back mount hole, second is the external power adapter or the interface is estimated to have design flaws, in the past few years although the monitor itself has not had any problem has always been easy to use, backlight attenuation is not Serious, but for the two power adapters have been ..... Symptoms are reflected in the power does not shine machine, HKC red label shows no signal state, each The second time is to change the power adapter is like, of course, may also be the first time I change the power adapter is Taobao to buy cheap generic non-original, it is at least bad again, the second time last year to buy the original factory The power supply, and then broke the sound of a good voice to congratulate on the B7000 to see the replacement of the power supply manufacturers, plugs and interfaces, may be improved?

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The nonsense comes to an end, before opening the box to talk about the B7000's biggest highlights:

1,99% ARGB, 100% SRGB color gamut, ΔE<2;
2, 10bit 25601440 resolution 27 inch AH-IPS panel;
3, ultra-narrow frame, border plus a total of 1.2cm black border.

Other features do not say, these three features alone to meet any one to filter out the market a large number of monitors, not to mention together, even the target DELL UP2716D only 1,2, and not so narrow frame, and 2199 The price is only 1/3 of the 2716D, and the price/performance ratio is extremely high.

Unpack it:

1, the outer packaging, the middle seam cut off the first half of the front display, honestly speaking I think for a long time did not want to understand what packaging designers want to express ideas involving, B's strong sense of style, it seems that the B series is the future alternative The important product line of the T series professional panel displays, the name part highlights the micro edge characteristics:

2, the main features, also put the micro-edge in the front, but did not see the ΔE <2 this important indicator is reflected in the packaging: <p="">

3, the product label is nothing to say, non-communication, network card products do not have to block the bar code:

4, the inner package upper accessory box, some empty, do some empty, in order to buffer?

5, the display body exposed in the lower layer, wrapped in a thin sponge bag protection:

6, full metal frame and base, than the T7000 + whole weight (from 9.2KG to 6.85KG), I think it is an advantage, move and fold the T7000 + bracket for my patients with lumbar disc is a heavy duty base before and after Two wide rubber feet:

7, back list ..... The most worthy of the first article, HKC really do not know what delusions, is not the only one insisted on not to give the monitor back mount hole manufacturers?

8, the interface at a glance, HDMI, DVI, VGA ... professional display actually has T4000 + have the DP to save, save VGA Yeah, with this monitor's useless VGA port, right? This is the second one that personally feels most worthwhile, but the big news is that the DC power port has finally been replaced by a common one. The interface of the T7000+ was very easy to loose and extremely difficult to insert. I always think that the interface is causing The main reason for the broken power supply:

9, positive standard photo, with music as the words "ID no border" .... Fortunately, as compared to music as large 5.5 inch mobile phone black, this display is quite amazing light machine, the border is indeed very narrow:

10, LOGO, metal brushed border, shot in the evening, so look at the border a little golden, in fact, silver:

11, function keys part:

12, the bottom of the button close-up:

13, Diagonal coins than the lower thickness, the main screen thickness of about 18.5mm, in fact, and the T7000 + compared to little progress, mainly because this screen is GB-R backlight looks like the current technology can not be thin, UP2716D thickness is also thicker than this many

14, accessories family portrait, power adapter, power cord, HDMI Cable, instructional warranty card, etc.

15, the manual is more practical than the previous T7000+, is a small improvement, but most people do not expect to see:

16, power adapter, 24V 2.5A, 60W, significantly lower power consumption than T7000 +:

17, the most important thing is that the connector has finally been replaced by a generic, rather than the original 4PIN egg pain:

18, but did not find the factory color report, since the factory each school to do ΔE <2, it should be like a dell such a single school color report to the user better: <p="">

19: Comparison of two monitors with the same screen display: Compared to the T7000+, this border is too visually pleasing, and there was a feeling that the first time we saw the xps13 micro-frame:

20, the upper and lower borders contrast:

21, the menu and the default settings, brightness and contrast do not have to read, is the progress bar, the default 90%, 50:

22. Mode:

23, color:

24, user-defined RGB color:

25, zoom mode:

26, the input source switch, there is no DP residue .....

27, calibration, but the default setting is only gamma adjustable:

28, in fact, I think this is not necessary to move, after all, fps, rts two game modes automatically adjust the gamma is enough

29. Others, if you forget to reset the default settings on your own, this reset is to restore the factory color:

30. The eye-protection mode should be mentioned in particular. In contrast, it is to filter the blue light. The effect comparison is shown in the figure. The left side T7000+ is also the full default:

No screen shot, no screen shot, no screen shot, important things to say three times, because in fact the average home lighting conditions and camera equipment is difficult to restore the true color, especially the camera itself is not professional enough, the instrument to speak:

B7000 test data: (Specifically speaking here is this kind of professional display factory default mode is the factory to give you calibration settings, and some media evaluation I see a big gap is obviously misaligned is actually selected SRGB or ARGB mode As a result of the test, such media had to be skeptical of professionalism and intentions.)

All the following tests are based on the data detected by Red spider 5 with WIN10 64 bit, DVI output and factory default

Color gamut: 100% ARGB, 100% SRGB, even more than HKC's 99% ARGB...

Luminosity: Although the measured luminosity is shown as 2.3, it is in fact very highly coincident with the reference curve 2.2. It is the display with almost the highest degree of coincidence for many years. The gray range index is lower than 25% and the other brightness ranges are The 6500K is not far away and is quite smooth:

Brightness, the default 90% backlight conditions the maximum brightness of 279.3, contrast backlight 0 18000 or so are about the same as the factory logo, and from 25% -100% brightness range, the white point in the 6400-6500 range, especially the commonly used brightness of 50% The -75% range covers the general recommended brightness of the color correction software is about 200, and the white point is always maintained at 6500, which is very good:

Color uniformity and brightness uniformity, this indicator B7000 performance in general, the maximum brightness uniformity difference of 13-14%, the maximum color uniformity difference of 4.9-7.8%, as a professional display performance is more general, did not see Have been to UP2716D data, but it is estimated that DELL should control better than HKC:

Color accuracy, this is a B7000 dare to clamor project, not only 99% or even 100% ARGB color gamut, but also has a very strong color indicator, I did not like some media evaluation to take 12 colors, 24 colors to say things, Instead, the 48 color swatches were selected to test the b7000, which dares to have a nominal ΔE<2, and found that there are 10 colors for δe<1, and only 3 colors for δe>1.6, and the highest one is 1.8, not only the average ΔE. Only 1.26, and all 48 colors are less than 2.... Interested in the look at the unpacking section of the last recommendation. The manufacturer put in an out-of-the-box color correction report like DELL. The UP2716D also failed to do this. The degree is beyond my expectations

The monitor scores, because Red spider 5 has a low level of classification and simple and unreasonable weights. Everyone can just take a look at it, but the comprehensive score of up to 4 points is definitely a rare high score monitor:

Compared to the T7000+ test (the backlight has been used for several years with a recession, so for comparison purposes only):

Color gamut: The same 100% SRGB is also one of the year's signs, and 79% of ARGB is also very high that year.

The luminosity is close to 1.8, which is much worse than the B7000. The gray scale is relatively smooth after 25%, but it is farther from 6500 (6600 at the bottom of the table) and 85% brightness accelerates later:

The maximum brightness is slightly lower than the B7000 but it should be the problem of backlight attenuation, but the white point deviation is very large, and the contrast is not high when the brightness is 0%, indicating that the backlight is too bright. This is also a slot of the T7000+, and the light leakage is more serious:

The color uniformity T7000+ performs well, and the brightness uniformity is similar to that of the B7000:

The most important indicator of the high-end professional display identification, color accuracy, the average 3.31, the maximum 5.5, the vast majority of more than 2, fully demonstrated the B7000 compared to the T7000 this substantial progress:

T7000+ scored 3.5 under Starscream software:

The light leakage situation is much better than the T7000+ just arrived at home and now, the default 90% brightness is generally normal under the black environment is also difficult to see obvious light leakage:

Finally, enter the HKC B7000 project mode to enter the method: the left and right buttons of the monitor are pressed simultaneously for more than 3 seconds. Here, setting RGB can be hard-tuned. Remember to record the default color of the factory before modifying it. Recovery toss:

to sum up:

1, micro-frame visual impact, beautiful appearance, 27-inch 4:3 monitor smaller size to save the desktop;
2, and DELL UP2716D 10bit screen with the same paragraph, access to 100% ARGB and SRGB's ultra-wide color gamut, while the 48-color all aspects of color accuracy is less than 2, more than 1.6 is only 3 colors, its color accuracy has reached the abhorrent The degree provides a very low price and high index option for print publishing, film and television photo production or photography enthusiasts and other user groups concerned about the wide color gamut and color accuracy;
3, light leakage control than the T7000 + significantly significant progress, few can not be seen;
4, the external power supply interface is changed to conventional, power consumption heat significantly decreased, T7000 + on the external power supply I changed the root cause of two years may cure?
1, no back frame interface, no back frame interface, no back frame interface;
2, the base bracket can only adjust the elevation angle can not be rotated erected .....
3, compared to T7000 + castrated DP interface, USB HUB (although not used in 2.0), 2 million pixel camera, people are all ancient progress, these places should not be declining;
4, the key part in addition to the power indicator light is no light, and the button label and the border is similar in color, indoor lighting is not good at night only to explore blind, inconvenient.

Although the advantages and disadvantages are very tangled, but individuals still feel very worthy of recommendation, and the price of 2199 should already be very worthwhile to start, reference T7000 + estimated historical low price is also about 1999, and then may face tight supply, price reversal and Finally stopped production... There are favorite suggestions or promising events.

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