The second batch of waste electrical appliance processing catalog or September molding

The second batch of waste electrical appliance processing catalog or September molding While the dismantling and processing industry is developing rapidly, the factors constraining its development have also become increasingly prominent. For the electronic dismantling of waste electrical appliances, the weak construction of the recycling system has become the biggest bottleneck hindering its development.

In many buildings around the community, often erect a sign, scribbled to read "recovery TV, washing machine." Over the years, this "guerrilla"-like self-employed household is the main force for home appliance recycling. There is no formal and stable recycling channel, so that the dismantling companies are subject to the "pot of rice."

Tang Aijun admitted that there are indeed policy blind spots in the construction of waste electrical and electronic product recycling systems. “There is no promotion policy, there is no management approach, and there is not even a good system.”

In fact, the reporter learned that the Ministry of Commerce has started construction of a recycling system for renewable resources since 2005 and 2006. However, some experts believe that there has been no significant progress in the construction of the system in the past two years. Although the Ministry of Commerce promulgated relevant measures, it did not provide detailed and operational management measures for a particular species. Therefore, some experts said that the formal recycling channels for waste electrical and electronic products have not actually been established.

According to industry experts, 90% or more of the nation's dismantling companies currently purchase electronic waste through self-employed individuals. From this data, it can be seen that the recycling of waste electrical and electronic products lacks formal channels.

Single source of supply and inflexible treatment have brought troubles to dismantling companies. The bigger problem is that it also increases the tax burden on companies. Tang Aijun told the Shanghai Daily reporter: “Since e-waste is collected from every household, VAT has no input deduction. However, the value of VAT invoices must be opened for dismantling companies that sell resources for comprehensive utilization. 17%, all companies must bear."

Improve the main body of recycling system

While under the pressure of value-added tax, enterprises are also faced with the system building problem of recycling terminals.

The relevant person of the Ministry of Commerce frankly stated that in the current recycling system construction, the market players are still not standardized, and the biggest problem is that the front-end recycling market is sprawling and lacks legal restrictions.

The reporter learned that in order to improve the construction of a recycling system for renewable resources, the Ministry of Commerce has successively determined three pilot projects for the construction of renewable resource recovery systems. The Ministry of Commerce has also proposed that it is necessary to actively cultivate and recycle leading enterprises, and in the first half of this year, it issued the Medium and Long-Term Plan for the Construction of Recycling Resources (2012-2020). However, it is understood that the medium and long-term planning commissioned by the Ministry of Commerce still has a lot of missing places. No matter whether it is preliminary research data or planning concept, it still needs to be perfected.

In addition to the above mid- and long-term plans, the specific work on the construction of other related recovery systems has been advancing. According to Yin Hong, Director of the Department of Circulation and Development of the Ministry of Commerce, in addition to formulating plans to guide the development of the industry, the Ministry of Commerce is also promoting sound laws and regulations and improving the recycling management system.

In addition to dismantling processing companies, sales companies should also join the recovery army. Yin Hong said that the sales company's online shop is spread all over the country, so recycling has unique advantages, and it is hoped that relevant systems will play a role in regulating and binding.

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