The original innovator accidentally entered the pit of APU before the arrival of Zen - the Itx solution of AMD 7860k

It has been a long time since I came to the Aunt Zhang’s side. It was just to collect all kinds of cheap information. Later, I discovered that there are also quite a lot of excellent original articles on Aunt Zhang's side. Whether it is Amway's various electronic products, or a variety of light luxury fashion shoes and bags, or began to pay attention to all kinds of daily necessities to improve the quality of life.

As a mac party, it took more than three years, and the windows machines on hand were distributed to needy families. However, OS X (which may now be called mac OS) has always had its limitations - for example, watching the pioneer (dense fog). Considering that most of the homes are laptops and they have a PS4+ monitor to satisfy their cravings for playing various masterpieces (such as going to Nannan to suffer, setting aside a fire, and placing a Yaxi), then assembling An itx host is a very good solution for me: First, itx has an absolute advantage in terms of size, regardless of the size of the desk, to put the tower chassis on the desktop is really watching their own pressure. Secondly, my desktop has rmbp, ps4, and various books, and there is really not much room for the chassis. Third, itx has a great sense of accomplishment. The small chassis has great energy. So you can determine this option with the smallest possible size. According to the uncle's originality seen on Aunt Zhang's side, she quickly locked the chassis into a wide-spread Chopin.

Of course, watching the pioneer is also a point that can not be ignored. Since it has become very popular, watching others playing, I still quite want to taste a watchful ass, to find out why it can attract players. In addition to watching the vanguard, various games on the steam sometimes also want to play, for no reason, once steam on the campaign, a variety of masterpieces is really much cheaper than the PS4. Therefore, in addition to being as small as possible, they must have a certain amount of game ability. Under the premise of possessing the PS4, this ITX program does not need to have too much game ability, so long as it can run the watch pioneer and all kinds of masterpieces under the medium and low quality. Naturally, Skull Canyon and alienware alpha were included in my consideration when considering volume and game ability. However, for Skull Canyon: 1. i7 6770HQ and i7 4870HQ on my existing rmbp is really too much. 2. With the m.2 SSD and RAM, the price of the whole machine is estimated to be 6,000, which is still a little expensive. Then for alienware alpha: 1. Generation's yellow light event makes people tremble and feels no need to gamble. 2. The second-generation fan sounds like a helicopter when fully loaded or when playing. 3. The second-generation GTX960 appeared to be particularly tasteless after 1060.

After repeated measurement and comprehensive consideration, he gave up the idea that if it was installed with DIY, it would be the best match (think originally 6700k+GTX1070, but kaby lake would come), and chose to solve it within 3,000 yuan as much as possible. problem. Having said so much, after considering all aspects, I chose the most unlikely possibility - AMD's APU to solve my needs. When he likes computer hardware, he is running into a wave of quad-core AMD trinuclears. Perhaps the god of agricultural enterprises set a certain degree of circumcision. At that time, I was just a student of (diao)sheng (si) party. - Then when I was a senior, I bought a generation of i5 (traitors) (a lot more than a digression). Although AMD should launch zen in the second half of the year, the APU's product line will generally wait until next year when the APU based on the zen architecture will be available. It's not too late to buy an APU at this time. Considering the budget and the thermal problem of itx, the A10 7860K is obviously my best choice. The 65W TDP can ensure that the temperature will not be easily excessively high. The 100 or so full-load power consumption and the 40 or so idle power consumption are also considered acceptable. Within range. The built-in GPU play low quality with a 30-frame problem is not too big. Compared to the i3 6100, CPU power and power control may be a disadvantage, but at the same price, the 7860K still provides relatively strong gaming capabilities - just in line with my requirements. So around A10 7860K, this itx program came into being.

CPU: AMD A10-7860K

RAM: Shiyan 8GB 2 DDR3 2400MHZ

Motherboard: ASRock ASrock A88M-ITX/ac

Hard disk: Originally wanted to buy Plextor's M7VC 256GB, but unfortunately Jingdong was out of stock, so I could only buy the SAMSUNG 750 EVO 250G.

Chassis + Power Supply: Welcome to Chopin

Radiator: ID Cooling IS40 Triple Heat Pipe Version

The total price of the package is slightly higher, probably going to around 2700. Some time ago, there was an original author who was good at (courage) rubbing garbage. The platform built around the 7870k was about 1500, and many people were able to control it at around 2200. However, it is important to consider the capacity of the SSD as much as possible, as well as the ITX box (zhi) and power supply. This extra 500 will endure QAQ

When considering this program, there are still enough homework. Learned in all parties' information that in terms of RAM, the frequency of DDR3 and the formation of dual channels have a considerable positive impact on the performance of the iGPU of the APU. After observing the opinions of the post-it and overseas oc-savvy players, the memory of Shiyan is currently the best choice in terms of timing and cost-effectiveness. The board relatively chose the A88X itx board of ASrock that had just been launched for a long time. It mainly took into account the reputation of Jingdong (the second-hand Dongsheng had only an A88X itx board from Biostar) and ASRock and Biostar. I still believe that it is more inclined to ASRock (Biostar). Someone has sunburned a single capacitor.) (Facts have also proven ASrock's bios really works).

ASRock this itx board, said that there is nothing particularly outstanding, but there is no short board, five-phase power supply, excellent workmanship, bring a wireless network card to support the AC protocol, I feel quite relaxed and worry-free. IO interface is also very scientific settings, a VGA, a DVI plus an HDMI interface, be the world's most popular video output settings are not afraid. Four rear USB2.0 plus two rear USB3.0 can also meet most needs, but unfortunately the hard disk interface is only SATA 3 in addition to PCIE, the current hot M.2 interface is, but already Plug in the intel's wireless network card, AC protocol and with Bluetooth, save peace of mind, and A68M itx the main difference is that this one wireless card, M.2 slot and more than two SATA3. Despite the M.2 interface, NVMe is still not used due to AMD's problems. This makes the loading of a higher-performance SSD an illusion. After all, the SATA 3 SSD is the same.

The next step is to simply install the CPU, install RAM, and heat sink on the motherboard. In other words, Intel has used LGA's design heavily since long ago, and AMD's CPU still retains ZIF's design today - it can see dense stitches, and it feels quite retro, and it is also afraid that it will break. Pins HHH (afterwards it might be possible to get an AMD CPU instead of a keyboard?). The installation of the CPU is no different than paying attention to the direction and then buckle it.

Shiyan this vulcan DDR3 2400MHZ, a red vest and not too much vest is really deep my heart. Nowadays, at this time, all streets are filled with vest memory. This kind of vest memory is actually not friendly to the formation of the small chassis itx program. After all, it is a small enough itx chassis. Most of you can only use the press-type radiator. So high memory vests may have conflicts with radiators.

The original radiator is a dual heat pipe design, but when I installed the motherboard began to worry about whether the original radiator can be successfully inserted into the chassis, to know that the wide can meet the wide Chopin radiator is only about 45mm, most At most 48mm into it. However, all accessories are red and AMD is very nice! Or first put on the chassis and say it.

Turned on, once lit, everything still has no problem. At the time when I was ready to put the side panel on the line... it was a gorgeous tragedy. Probably higher than about 10mm, visually measuring the height of the heat sink that comes with the 7860k is about 60mm. Although AMD's own dual heat pipe radiators still feel quite conscience, it is not considered noisy, but the issue of cover is still very tragic. Considering again and again, the buyer still had to buy, so he bought 79 blocks and bought a quiet version of ID Cooling IS40.

Replaced the original radiator immediately AMD taste has faded, in fact, I still quite like AMD's red Yanyan flavor. But I refused to post that ugly red sticker to Chopin. After installing the ID cooling IS40 can finally cover the damn side panel, in fact, I think Yingguang can get a side panel and then protrude a little better so that we plug a 120mm diameter radiator Well, it increases a 10-5mm Well. Talking about it is a tragedy, originally thinking that since you want to buy another radiator, then I will buy a 4 heat pipe ID Cooling IS40 pro Well, the result is only a silent version, the third heat pipe also make do with it, a Sibo HP400 because of the color problem I refused to buy it... Although it is a quad heat pipe!

Finally, the installation part is over. The overall performance of this itx program is quite worthwhile. The software and games that can be tested on the hand are not very much, so first take everyone's favorite entertainment master to try a small knife! This time is the first edition of the Windows 10 edition, not indescribably loved by Windows 7, personally. Words still quite like Microsoft's new system, and I have to go back to using Windows 7 but I'm even more awkward.

14W's running points looked like smiling, but in fact the extra scores for removing the heterogeneous computing power were about 7W. It is not difficult to see that although the DDR3 2400MHZ memory was used for this AMD platform, the I/O is still at a fairly ancient level. Of course, ASRock this motherboard will set the default frequency of Northbridge to 1600MHZ, compared to most A88X or A68, A78 default 1800MHZ level there is still a certain gap, and the Northbridge frequency will affect the performance of memory to a certain extent of. Therefore, an appropriate increase in the frequency of North Bridge should be improved. Next take a look at CPU-Z and AS SSD Benchmark

Intel i3 silent seconds ... Well, in terms of single-core performance AMD still have a considerable distance to chase, Turbo Core can reach the level of 4.0GHZ is still still close to 40% of Intel's fourth-generation i3 3.5GHZ Think of the i3 6100. Hey, here's still looking for Zen to have better single-core performance. However, multi-threaded capabilities obviously rely on more cores. The 7860K still has more capabilities. Today, multi-core and multi-threaded optimization is getting better and better. In fact, the CPU performance of the 7860K is still quite reliable. It's still not enough to use it. The performance of the Samsung 750 EVO is also quite satisfactory, and reading and writing at 500M/s is enough for me. Simply look at the part of the tragic CPU power, to the APU's largest selling point to check part of the. Considering that the core is mainly used for playing online games and playing various types of games under low picture quality, the 8560K iGPU capability can be tested with the new Heaven Sward Benchmark of the Final Fantasy 14 with a relatively high picture quality.

Because the APU's overclocking is very easy to achieve with AMD Overdrive, I remember that I was handcuffs to the default nuclear frequency of 757MHZ pulled to 800MHZ, so the results of running the above points will probably run out slightly and silent frequency deviation. It is not difficult to find that the 7560K built-in R7 series nuclear display inherited the inferiority of AMD graphics card in DX11, and FF14 this benchmark also succeeded as an A black test (larger Nvidia GameWorks in the upper right corner). As an old player of FF14, I can clearly state that: You only can't use this screen to run the game. You only have to run the game with the standard score. Once you jump the frame, you are very painful, especially the important copy of the group battle brush. A frame jump can kill a team. Of course, the HIGH score in the DX9 mode proves that it is not difficult to change the smooth setting (30fps is understood as smooth) to play FF14, but you don't even think about the whole 60 frames or more. Then of course we will come to watch the buttocks.

The watch pioneer uses the default clock frequency of 757MHZ to run. As a shooting game, if the frame rate drops below 30, it is still afraid of affecting the performance. Therefore, the 1600,900 resolution will run at a low quality. In fact, most games can maintain 35-45 frames during most battles. If you properly increase the frequency of nuclear display, for example, I usually pull around 850 MHZ in peacetime, and it will be stable at more than 40 frames. About 40-50 frames. In the resolution of 1920,1080, the lower picture quality is also able to run more than 30 frames of results, but playing is not happy, I will not demonstrate. Due to AMD's setup problem, CPU frequency automatically drops to 2.5 GHz when the CPU is working at high load. Therefore, the overclocking of the core part can actually be more daring. The problem of pulling to 900 MHz or even 1 GHz may not be large. Since I also meet my needs for the time being, I will not be overly aggressive. Next, using AIDA64 to bake and bake, the main thing is still quite afraid of Chopin's 150W will boom.

The room temperature is about 26 degrees Celsius, CPU standby temperature is generally around 40 degrees, the motherboard temperature is at 50 degrees, is not really ideal. Due to volume limitations, Chopin's chassis does not have a very good air duct setup, coupled with AMD's motherboard always has inexplicable North Bridge high temperature problems, making the chassis still have a certain amount of heat. After starting the roast chicken, the CPU temperature is stable at about 64 degrees, and it is completely acceptable. At this time, the fan speed will reach 2500 RPM from time to time. The noise is somewhat but not large, and the intermittent high-speed rotation will not make you feel troubled. . If you can, or you can consider buying two small 4cm diameter fans to solve the air duct problem and North Bridge temperature problems - of course, this has yet to be tested.

This sharing is almost so much to say ~ Of course, AMD is ready to sell A12-9800 in the first few days. It is said that it is able to fight i5, the new AM4 and the new motherboard have canceled the high temperature of the North and South Bridge. There are tears when you say more. However, if A12-9800 can really fight i5, the price may not be so beautiful. AMD as an agricultural company (not) is not doing charity. After all, it is mocked and bankruptcy every day. If it is to be able to turn over, it will not be too high. Enjoy the pleasure brought by the current small chassis and slowly wait for Zen's APU to arrive. This may be the next stop for this small chassis.

Of course there is a chance to install a big milk machine and wait for Intel's kaby lake to be a bit dry. Thank you for watching me.

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