Step into the future lighting design - Suzhou Nano City

Suzhou Nancheng is located in the south of Jinjihu Avenue, Suzhou Industrial Park, east of Xinghua Street, north of Dushuhu Avenue and west of Longyi Road of Sangtian Island. It covers an area of ​​about 70 hectares and has a total construction area of ​​1.16 million (above the ground) square meters. The peripheral plots are mainly based on production R&D pilot houses, and the core areas are mainly supporting, exhibition, headquarters office buildings and commercial functions.

Suzhou Nancheng City is designed by HENN ARCHITEKTEN. The architectural style adopts modern design techniques. It is stable and generous. The color is mainly gray and white, which echoes the traditional architecture of Suzhou. Taking "the landscape in the city, the architecture in the landscape" as the starting point, the traditional Chinese culture is re-deconstructed, and the creative inspiration is integrated into the modern architectural design, which complements the environment.

As the lighting design side of Suzhou Nano City, Plotus follows the basic design principle of the floodlighting of the building group: Nano City is an emerging technology carrier, a mass community, and the particularity and uniqueness of the industry. Lighting is to change the concept of "science" and "technology" to the public through image lighting design. The main lighting solution is to use nano-graphic elements to project the very precise shape and structural pattern on the surface of the building through lenses and filters, thus evoking the idea of ​​nanotechnology. For Suzhou Nano Park, we must follow the concept of combining energy saving, emission reduction and innovative design. The LED light source can be used as an optimization scheme for traditional floodlighting, and the energy-efficient LED light source can achieve the desired lighting effect.

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Suzhou Nano City 1

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