Smart hardware encounters sales dilemma to see how community O2O cracks

This year, many people think that it is the outbreak of smart hardware. However, from the development trend of the first half of the year, there is no explosive product that makes people shine. Poor sales have become the biggest obstacle facing the current intelligent hardware, and the promotion of the entire industry has been greatly restricted. How to break through the dilemma of sales has become a difficult problem to be solved. On the afternoon of August 15th, "Lao Cai Hui Living Room" held the 10th theme salon in Shenzhen, invited Chinese real estate property O2O operators, community O2O entrepreneurs and investors, cloud platform enterprises, intelligent hardware representative enterprises to jointly explore the community O2O Whether operators can carry the channels of smart homes, and then drive smart hardware into thousands of households.

Smart hardware encounters sales dilemma See how community O2O cracks

Three major reasons constrain the sales of intelligent hardware

The sales problem directly affects the promotion and application of intelligent hardware. As the node of the Internet of Things, the sales of intelligent hardware affects the pace of advancement of the Internet of Things. Find the crux of the problem affecting the sales of intelligent hardware, in order to effectively solve the problem.

The reporter interviewed Cai Jinjiang, secretary general of the Shenzhen Smart Family Association. Cai Jinjiang pointed out: "According to the investigation and research on more than 100 kinds of intelligent hardware based on the 'Finding Explosives' activity, there are three main reasons for the poor sales of intelligent hardware."

First, the essence of intelligent hardware is born for "services". Most of the current products only use functional hardware to be simple APP, without giving users substantial services to solve problems. On the contrary, many have increased the cumbersome user control. degree.

Second, the practitioners of intelligent hardware are mostly based on the small startups and the entrepreneurial departments of large companies. These teams have unique characteristics, either good at hardware design, good at Internet and software, and few technologies that open up hardware, cloud and services. ability.

Third, most of the intelligent hardware is experiential new hardware products. Due to the influence of Internet thinking, they all like channels such as crowdfunding and e-commerce. Due to the lack of opportunities for face-to-face with consumers, there is no real cultivation of consumer habits.

It is not difficult to see that intelligent hardware encounters sales bottlenecks, which are related to product design, operation mode, function and other products. At the same time, because smart hardware does not have an effective and effective landing channel, it is difficult for smart hardware manufacturers to achieve scale application by their own efforts. More critically, the positioning of intelligent hardware is problematic, and the intelligent hardware is so smart that it is not clear enough to appear intelligent and intelligent blindness.

Cooperate with property companies to build a floor channel

Increasing the sales of intelligent hardware is not only related to smart hardware companies, but also related to property companies, O2O operators, and cloud platform companies.

In promoting the landing of intelligent hardware, Yu Bin, general manager of Wanrui Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. of the property company Vanke Group believes: “On the one hand, the services and needs of users vary widely, and it is very difficult for each smart product to enter the family. It is also very difficult for the vertical cloud platform to enter the home. In this regard, the community will play an important role. On the other hand, the current O2O is biased towards the information class O2O. In addition, there are service O2O, service-oriented smart products extended into the family to deep cooperation with companies related to property and family services. By establishing a smart community to build a platform for intelligent hardware."

On the entry point of intelligent hardware, Ma Yanwen, general manager of cloud platform enterprise wind direction technology, pointed out: "Intelligent hardware needs to collect user information to provide corresponding services. Community and family are the gathering place of user data, so it becomes an important entrance, intelligent hardware enterprise. And cloud platform manufacturers need to cooperate with property companies. Secondly, in terms of cooperation, it is necessary to cooperate on the content of the property itself."

"According to the needs of industrial development, next year will be the year of intelligent hardware systems." Cai Jinjiang pointed out that the promotion of intelligent hardware will no longer be a unilateral action of intelligent hardware companies, but will be with property companies, O2O operators, cloud platform enterprises. Cooperate with each other to build a closed-loop ecosystem to achieve the landing and scale application of intelligent hardware.

At the moment, the profit model of the entire industry has changed, and the way companies go it alone is no longer feasible. Enterprises form a large community, and more need to go hand in hand, and play their respective strengths according to their own advantages.

Associate with service resources to increase user viscosity

The intelligence of an intelligent product is not in the product itself, but in the services it carries. In this regard, in addition to the product itself and channel construction, the intelligent hardware is also related to the application scenario; and this application scenario is closely related to the service resource.

Cai Jinjiang pointed out: "The current industrial background has changed. In the past, the industry relied on the supply chain. Now it relies on the ecological chain. Under the ecological chain, the form of products shifts from functional to service. For example, air products, for diabetes. Air mode, asthma air mode, beauty air mode, etc. In the future, smart hardware service products will gradually expand around air, water, food, and medical care."

In advancing this transformation, Ma Yanwen pointed out that smart hardware needs to be around users and issues related to the property. For example, if the household needs to repair and make a call, they can remind the number of the maintenance needs, which can effectively reduce the residents' dissatisfaction with the property. This will be a very valuable combination of smart services and properties.

For how to truly connect intelligent hardware and services, China Merchants Property Director Xiao Longfei said: “Community services are bordered, especially fixed communities. For example, smart old-age, smart hardware sensing signals in the home and save them to the cloud platform, cloud The platform organizes the back-end service resources to provide services, which involves the matching of intelligent hardware-aware information and service resources."

Xiao Longfei analyzed the combination mode of O2O service “Kitchen driving” and Haier intelligent products. Haier smart refrigerator can calculate the daily food storage in the refrigerator and then automatically adjust the temperature; while “Cooker driving” can provide corresponding replenishment. Purchasing service, this is a demand. “Kitchen is driving” to organize the food procurement supply chain, Haier refrigerator to achieve storage, from the two together to create a closed loop of the ecological chain system.

"In order to better utilize the intelligent hardware services, it also needs to be associated with the community public system." Yu Bin, general manager of Wanrui Intelligent Technology, pointed out that, for example, remote air conditioning control, turn on the air conditioner when off work, but if the user forgets, or drives It is not good to operate, or to hit a traffic jam on the road after opening. It is more ideal if the intelligent hardware is associated with the community public system.

In this regard, intelligent hardware companies need to pay attention to two points when designing products. Yu Bin pointed out that the first is to consider the relationship between products and services, and the second is to consider the linkage between property management and services.

“After the integration of all links in the industry chain, the communication chain, data link and service chain are open to each other. This is the three foundations of the smart home ecosystem.” Cai Jinjiang said, “In the future, smart hardware will play the role of 'basic product' and become an ecological The nodes on the chain collect user data. The property company will propose service requirements based on user data, and other companies develop and define service products based on user needs."

At present, the willingness to build an ecosystem between property, O2O service platform vendors, cloud platforms, and smart hardware companies has taken shape. The difficulty lies in who is leading the big industry? How to operate? How is the benefit distributed? Where are the boundaries of the positioning of each link? These problems still require the joint advancement of the industry to achieve consensus. The discussion initiated by the "Lao Cai Hui Living Room" is the beginning of the great integration of the industry, and there is an opportunity for integration at the beginning.

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