Sharp plans to add three companies to jointly manufacture small and medium-sized LCD panels

Japan’s Sharp Executive Co., Ltd.’s chief executive director and chairman of Sharp (China) Investment Co., Ltd., said that Sharp will add three companies as partners in the small and medium-sized LCD panel business this year. Industry speculation that Sharp's new partners may include Lenovo.

Sharp's important customers this year have increased from 5 to 6, and this year's goal is to add another three, the goal is to make the sales of these nine customers account for 50% of Sharp's total sales.

"Mainly in the field of smart phones, tablets, etc., according to the design requirements of these customers to provide panels," Kanno said that the specific corporate name is not convenient to disclose.

The industry believes that Lenovo may be one of them. The recent rumors of Lenovo's acquisition of Nanjing Sharp are rampant. However, Kanno said that the cooperation with the new partners does not involve shares.

In order to get rid of the excessive dependence on the liquid crystal business, Sharp has also established five new fields of health care, robotics, smart homes, peace of mind engineering, and education.

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