Seoul "LED Christmas Reindeer" bus starts

December 25, according to Singapore's "Lianhe Zaobao" reported on the 25th, Seoul, South Korea, the first launch of the "Tayo cartoon bus" in March this year, these buses with new make-up are popular with the public. Christmas is coming, Seoul City has once again launched the Christmas Reindeer Bus, which has also been widely welcomed by Seoul residents.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Iconix Entertainment Company and the Seoul City Bus Operation Association jointly launched the Christmas Reindeer Bus on the 8th of this month. In Seoul, LED lighting boards are placed next to the lights of 26 buses, so that the Christmas reindeer can move his eyes and make 10 different expressions. At the same time, the red nose of the Christmas reindeer was painted in front of the bus, and the antlers of the reindeer were attached, and each driver was put on Santa Claus's costume to create a strong festive atmosphere.

Seoul City launches reindeer bus to render Christmas atmosphere

Seoul City said that to welcome Christmas and New Year, the 26 reindeer buses will start running on the 8th of this month and will not remove makeup until mid-January next year. The Administration hopes that the public will feel the intimacy when taking the bus as an opportunity to promote more public transport. The bus is one of the main living spaces of the public. The Government will strive to create a comfortable space for the public.

Shen Zhongyu, head of Seoul City Bus Policy, said: "We hope that the Christmas Reindeer Bus will bring more fun to the people's commute and daily life. We use new thinking to introduce new policies and hope that all citizens feel more convenient and more convenient. Comfortable and safer."

In addition, Seoul City has also invested in 300 city buses with Pucca, a Korean-made animated character, running throughout the city. It is also planned to post "2015 spirits" on the bus body after the 25th of this month to convey to the public. Next year, B will have no information on courage and hope.

In addition, Seoul City also quotes creative ideas from cartoons for "cleaning cars." The Guangjin District of Seoul City recently launched the “Tayo Cartoon Cleaning Cart”.

A person from the Guangjin District of Seoul said: "The promotion effect of the cleaning car may not be as big as that of the bus. But I believe it is enough to improve the negative impression of the people on the dirty car."

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