Select personalized lighting, lit the warm little home

Select personalized lighting, lit the warm little home A home without a lamp is like a man who loses his eyes, sometimes makes people scary, and nobody wants to live in a dark world. So the lamp is crucial in a home location. Modern people call most lighting fixtures as lighting fixtures. From this title, it can be seen that nowadays lamps and lanterns are not only used for lighting, they can also be used to decorate residences. Now most of the brand's lamps and lanterns are integrated into a unitary body with their beautiful shapes, colors, patterns, artistic effects and interior decoration, which brings a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere to family life.

According to the different room features to choose different lighting products on the market are very rich varieties of lamps, modeling is also ever-changing. It is believed that many consumers will regard the beauty of the lamp as the primary condition in the process of purchasing the lamp, because the color and the styling of the lamp can bring joy to people. As the lighting fixture is an organic component of the entire room decoration, its style, material and illumination must be integrated with the indoor function and decorative style so that all kinds of light-receiving objects around the lamp can be evenly distributed and the overall human vision can be brought into full play. Best effect. If the brightness of the interior lighting is too large, it may give people a brilliant brightness in a short time. However, if it is a long time, it will cause a sense of visual fatigue. Therefore, when selecting a lamp, it is necessary to use functions according to various parts of the room. Buy lighting.

Generally, there are living rooms, study rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and halls. Due to their different functions, the required light sources are different. Different lighting fixtures must be selected according to different room functions.

Bedrooms often have multiple functions such as a living room, a study room, a dressing room, and so on. Changing clothes requires uniform light to illuminate from the front of the person in order to obtain a clear image in the mirror, so the light source cannot be placed behind the head of the person. If you want to make-up, set the auxiliary lights on both sides so that the face Wisdom can be clearly seen. To read and write, you need to write a table lamp. When you sleep, the room light can be darker and softer. But people who read books in bed before going to bed can best adjust the brightness and angle. The simple way is to install two lights, one bright and one dark.

Living room living room features more, such as meeting guests chat, watching TV and listening to music, such as the home audio-visual center next to a small bar, then drink drinks here. Do not expect a chandelier to solve all problems. When there are a lot of people, you can use chandeliers, wall lights and the like to get full lighting and even light. In the second and third parties, floor lamps or wall lamps can be used to partially illuminate the coffee table in front of the sofa instead of illuminating the person involved in the conversation. When the audio-visual center is used, only a small 3-watt lamp is used as the background light in the living room to obtain some weak illumination.

The dining room is different from the kitchen. The kitchen is best equipped with a dome light for full illumination, and a separate spotlight is located at the stove for easy operation. The dining room is where people eat, and both the East and West attach great importance to the lighting effect here. Westerners pay attention to the quietness of the dining room, and the indoor lighting is soft and dark. China has always been proud of its own cooking. Among these, there is absolutely no appreciation for the color of the dishes. This requires that the lights must be bright. For the sake of both considerations, it is recommended to use stretchable hanging fixtures. Not only the retractable wire can freely determine the height of the lamp, but also its red or other beautiful shades can increase appetite.

Halls such as residential halls, it is worth a good layout, because it can best affect a person's emotions. As soon as we step into our homes, the bright and lively hallway will make people who work for a day feel as if they are thrown into the embrace of the family and the spirit is invigorated. This requires the installation of an in-line canopy ceiling lamp on the flat top of the entrance hall. When one is not enough, a few can be installed and the color is better. If it is a person who loves art, you can make the walls and flat tops of the foyer and hallways into dark colors and embed a few small lights, making people feel unfathomable, and entering the room immediately is a unique experience. Of course, although this is unique, it is not necessarily acceptable to everyone, because most people are accustomed to behave.

Luminaires, a decorative lighting fixture for household use, are a concentrated reflection of lighting. It is not only a tool to complete building functions and create visual conditions, but also a part of architectural decoration. It is a unity of lighting technology and architectural art. Therefore, the requirements for lamps must be functional, economical and artistic. The combination of lamps and indoor environment can form a variety of different styles of indoor atmosphere. Therefore, modern lighting fixtures not only play indoor lighting, but also constitute an important part of the manufacturing environment. The first consideration in indoor lighting should be the uniformity of the style of lamps used indoors. The chandelier, wall lamp, desk lamp, standing lamp and other lighting fixtures should not only be consistent with each other in terms of shapes, materials, and colors, but more importantly, they must be coordinated with the interior decoration style in order to meet the aesthetic requirements of the people and create a good Lighting decoration effect, become the finishing touch of home decoration.

In order to create architectural space effects and architectural art effects that are in line with architectural functions and conducive to production activities and cultural activities, attention should be paid to the cooperation of light and color. Like light and color, the psychological feeling of people is divided between cold and warm. Light is used to describe color temperature, color is used to represent color, and the two are very similar. Therefore, it is possible to flexibly use the light color of the light and the texture, color, and illuminance of the interior decoration material to form a suitable environment atmosphere. If you use a low color temperature light to get a warm and soft atmosphere, you can strengthen the soft feeling of indoor wood, fabrics, carpets and so on. Sometimes in order to enhance the spatial effect, to enrich and improve some of the requirements of the model, you can use the distribution of light changes to create a variety of visual effects. For example, in interior decoration, lights are often used in combination with fabrics and decorative pieces to handle indoor backgrounds. The colors of lighting and fabrics, curtains, and platforms are used to virtually divide indoor spaces into areas that attract attention. For example, in order to avoid seeing the bed at night when guests enter the door, the brighter direct light can be used to highlight the paintings on the wall as the visual center; the first attention after the guests enter the door is attracted there. For another example, yellow lights can be used to increase the depth of field perception.

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