Sao Paulo Interactive LED Wall: Using Light to Show Noise, Air Pollution

Recently, the WZ Jardins Hotel in Sao Paulo, Brazil, installed an interactive LED wall that responded to ambient noise, air quality and people's interactions with the software. It is reported that this is part of the "Hacked City" project, which is used to show how technology can make a positive difference in the city. Like the exterior of the University of Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, this wall of WZ Jardins is based on local data. The metal material used can be displayed in an acoustic landscape in a day based on the surrounding environment and then in an audio waveform.

In other words, people can see the environmental changes in urban life very intuitively.

In addition, people can also use mobile phone software to interact with this LED wall, with voice and gesture control.

In addition, the team also installed a microphone for collecting noise and a sensor for detecting air quality on the interactive exterior wall. The LED lamp can display the surrounding environmental conditions in different forms. Among them, warm colors such as red and orange refer to air pollution, while cool colors such as blue and green indicate that air quality is improved.

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