Sanken Electric: High-power lighting LED resin packaging materials can not completely prevent photoaging

“Encapsulation materials containing benzene rings will eventually age.” At the "2006 LED Technology Symposium" held recently, San Francisco Electric Technology Division LED business director Daisuke Kang said that as a high-power LED packaging material, resin materials may not be able to avoid aging problems. However, this is only a case where high power and an extremely long life are required. If the product has a life of about 20,000 hours, it is possible to use a resin package by working hard on a resin material that does not form an interface.

Daxie said that in order to make LEDs a universal light source such as lighting, "some technical breakthroughs are needed." Among them, the photoaging phenomenon of components caused by LED light emission indicates that it is necessary to develop a packaging material capable of avoiding such a problem. At present, packaging materials are gradually transitioning from epoxy resins to silicone resins with lighter photoaging phenomena. However, as long as the benzene ring is contained, it is impossible to avoid the color gradually becoming yellowish (big 冢). Otsuka said that further improvements in resin packaging materials are needed, and in the end it may be necessary to use the resin-free package that the company is exploring. However, since the resin-free package uses glass as a chip protector and increases the assembly process, it is necessary to solve the problem of cost reduction. (Reporter: Daxi Shunxiong)

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