Qipu photoelectric LED display ventilation and cooling box obtained national patent

As we all know, large-scale electronic products such as large-scale integrated circuits and LED display screens are constantly developing in the direction of high-density packaging and multi-function, so that the heat dissipation problem becomes a very difficult subject. If a large LED display or a large-scale integrated circuit electronic component does not properly solve the heat dissipation problem, it will not be able to exert its application performance, and may even cause a heat increase inside the machine to damage the electronic components. However, at present, both component manufacturers and downstream electronic product system integration manufacturers are still in the groping phase for heat dissipation problems. With the development of electronic products toward light, thin and small, how to break through the traditional heat dissipation technology and design strategy, cooling the high temperature generated by many electronic components in a limited space is the key factor determining the performance and size of the product.

There are three ways to transfer heat, followed by heat conduction, convection, and heat radiation. For large-scale LED displays, heat dissipation is mainly used for heat dissipation. Typical ones are: heat dissipation through metal heat sinks or fans. Some manufacturers also install independent liquid circulation cooling for LED displays. system. Although these methods have some contribution to the heat dissipation of the LED display, the addition of these heat sinks not only increases the overall weight of the LED display, but also greatly increases the production cost of the LED display. These are the main technologies of the conventional technology. defect.

The LED display ventilation and heat dissipation box invented by Qipu Optoelectronics has a heat dissipation box disposed behind the LED display screen, and a heat generating component such as a Power Supply and a control circuit of the LED display screen is located in the heat dissipation box body, by means of the heat dissipation The ventilation and heat dissipation function of the box heats the LED display and the heat-generating components such as the power supply and the control circuit of the LED display, thereby achieving the purpose of dissipating heat for the overall LED display.

Through the technical solution invented by Qipu Optoelectronics, the structure can be used for heat dissipation, so that the design of the heat sink or other heat dissipation structure can be omitted, which helps to reduce the production cost and improve the heat dissipation efficiency, which is the main purpose of the present invention. .

The LED display ventilation heat dissipation box comprises a heat dissipation cavity, a plurality of heat dissipation air channels and a plurality of heat dissipation ports, wherein the plurality of heat dissipation air channels are connected around the heat dissipation cavity, and one end of each of the heat dissipation air channels is connected to the heat dissipation cavity The heat dissipation port is located at the other end of the heat dissipation air channel, and the heat generating component of the LED display screen is disposed in the heat dissipation cavity, and the heat dissipation airflow enters the heat dissipation air channel from the heat dissipation port, and then the heat dissipation airflow flows through the heat dissipation cavity. Discharging from the other heat dissipation port, in the process of flowing the heat dissipation airflow through the heat dissipation cavity, the heat generating component of the LED display screen located in the heat dissipation cavity transfers heat to the heat dissipation airflow, and the heat dissipation airflow finally carries the heat dissipation airflow Heat is discharged from the heat dissipation port, thereby achieving the function of dissipating heat from the heat generating component of the LED display screen disposed in the heat dissipation cavity by the heat dissipation airflow.

It is understood that Qipu Optoelectronics has obtained 3 invention patents, more than 20 utility models and appearance patents. The products are highly praised by industry peers in terms of stability and service life. They are well-known brands in Shenzhen and even the whole country. The acquisition of these invention patents is the result of a strong R&D team. Qipu Optoelectronics has established an industry elite R&D team led by Dr., who are always paying attention to the LED frontier technology of today's world, and lead Qipu Optoelectronics to take the lead in the industry with innovative thinking.

(This article is a copy of Qipu Optoelectronics)

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