Outdoor Sport Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker-enjoy music under water

Mini Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker automatic memory link functionboot automatically enter the Bluetooth status, scope of accessibility in the 33ft to provide high-quality stereo audio signal transmission.The waterproof Bluetooth Speakers are equipped with mini USB cables and carabiner. This bluetooth Speaker is weatherproof, so it is ideal for trekking and hiking trips.The included hook can be attached to the backpack or the trouser buckle. It's ideal for travel, hiking, camping, boating, kayaking or other activities. Advanced digital sound, noise reduction, and the special void structure of the wireless bluetooth speakers provide a premium sound quality with ideal bass and balanced treble and mid. The integrated microphone of this bluetooth speaker provides the possibility to use the loudspeaker as a telephonic device. With it, you can enjoy music even in water.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Shower Bluetooth Speaker

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