On the skill development mechanism of military and civilian electronic components

Establish and improve the military-civilian communication and coordination mechanism in the field of electronic components technology At present, at the level of information channels, Zhang Sumei and Li Jie Penghao, a military-civilian coordinated development mechanism in the field of electronic components technology "Island" phenomenon. Even if civilian component manufacturers have a strong desire to enter the military market, they do not understand the complicated procedures and special regulations for bidding for military projects. Some civilian component manufacturers have good technology and good products, which are very suitable for the military market, but they are struggling to find a suitable user (military). Some companies often pay a high price for outdated information. Similarly, besides the original planned channels, the military equipment procurement department and military scientific research and production units have no other corresponding channels. They can understand which civil component manufacturers have the technology and products they need nationwide. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of military and civilian communication and coordination mechanisms in the field of electronic components technology from three aspects.

Establishing a military-civilian information exchange platform on the premise of ensuring military secrets, straighten out information exchange channels and provide an information foundation for the benign interaction between military and civilians. It is necessary to strengthen the collection and sorting of various types of electronic information technology resources including civil component manufacturers, establish a classification and classification information release system, and strengthen information exchange between the military and the localities. Establish and improve the military and civilian market competition mechanism in the field of electronic component technology In the development of military electronic component technology, we must establish and improve a scientific and effective market competition mechanism, actively carry out competition, and make full use of the entire country's scientific and technological resources. It is necessary to shorten the development cycle of military electronic component technology and increase the utilization rate of funds, but also effectively drive the development of related national industries.

There are innovations in the construction of laws and regulations. At the level of policies and regulations, "military to civilian" has many encouragement and protection policies, and the channels are unobstructed, but "civil technology and military use" cannot be followed, there are no rules to follow, and there are many obstacles. China has always insisted that the military industry is a strategic industry invested by the state and must be solely owned by the state. So far, the Chinese government has not explicitly declared that the military product market is open to the civilian population. The current policies and regulations also have many restrictions on the entry of military component manufacturers into the military product market. It is necessary to fully realize that "civilian technology and military use" is conducive to the establishment of an innovative mechanism of "integration of military and civilian, combining military with civilian", is conducive to accelerating the national defense and military modernization, and strengthens military and civilian coordination in the field of electronic components in practical work The development of laws, regulations and systems requires the use of "civil technology military"

There are clear laws and regulations to enable some large and medium-sized private enterprises that have grown up in the course of reform and opening up, have strong economic and technological strength, and are fully equipped to participate in military research and production capabilities, and can successfully obtain a "pass" to enter the military market. Not turned away. At the same time, there must be innovation in the tax system. It is necessary to gradually enable civilian component manufacturers, especially private enterprises, that undertake military tasks to enjoy the same policies as military industrial enterprises, so that they are in an equal position in the fierce competition in the military market.

To have an advanced market awareness and emphasize the particularity of the military market, at the same time, it is necessary to allow some civilian products to enter the military market according to different products, especially the industry with strong military and civilian versatility, such as electronic components. The current status of product design, testing and production gradually eliminates the “barriers” that exclude civilian high-tech resources from entering the military market, promotes the progress of research and production of military equipment products and the process of civilian-to-military transition, makes full use of the market, and promotes the sharing of resources between military and civilian parties.

We must have a corresponding concept of effectiveness. The military industry department must resolutely resist the ideology of relying on others, relying on, and relying on, strengthening scientific research capabilities, learning advanced technology and management experience of private enterprises, and using mature civilian products to reduce costs and enhance their competitiveness. At the same time, since military tasks are mostly multi-variety and small-batch, they cannot constitute large-scale development and large-scale production, have low benefits and high risks, and should establish the necessary compensation mechanism to enable some private enterprises to voluntarily undertake military tasks.

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