LeTV's third-generation super TV 919 struck? Understand the five secrets you didn’t know

At present, LeTV Super TV has entered millions of households and received an excellent reputation. As of April this year, LeTV’s cumulative sales have exceeded 2.5 million units, which means that more than 2.5 million super gaming platforms are being used by users. It is further rumored that LeTV's third-generation Super TV is expected to formally meet with netizens at the 919 Music Festival. Le Shixing’s new president, Liang Jun, also publicly stated that it will release the third-generation super TV in the second half of 2015.

Outstanding appearance, high cost performance These are the deepest impressions that Super TV has left for users. Then, what secrets of Super TV are not easily found by consumers? Next, Xiao Bian will provide you with detailed information. Interpretation.

Secret 1: More than 5,000 applications

LeTV is committed to building the world's first smart app store, the world's first premium video game platform. Among them, LeTV App Store has more than 5,000 smart TV applications, and the download volume has exceeded 4 million times. It is not only available on LeTV, but also provides core application services for other smart TVs based on Android. Now it has become a smart TV. Important entrance and marketing platform. In addition, the LeEco game center has 200 boutique games, with a weekly active rate of 22%, and it is increasing.

Secret 2: Content is the industry's first real

Relying on music ecology, Super TV not only has superior performance, but also has rich content and services. Super TV can access high-definition TV dramas, American dramas, Korean dramas, British dramas, domestic dramas, Taiwanese dramas, Thai dramas, etc. at any time. Many of the hit dramas are on the same day as the Guardian Channel. The classic shows have been online and can be watched at any time, and they also include many unicast content. At present, there are more than 100,000 episodes of content that are updated and added every day. In addition, Super TV live all Champions League matches, up to 341 Champions League, European Union Cup and European Super Cup; Serie A, French and Bundesliga League, Cup; England FA Cup, Community Shield Cup, League Cup, etc.; The AFC Champions League, the FA Cup and the national team competition; the United States Major League Soccer, Scotland, Denmark and other leagues; and South America, Europe and other multinational team events.

Secret 3: Unique Super Remote 3

Super Remote Control 3 adhering to the "LesVision" convergence, the atmosphere, the concept of simple design, built-in high-sensitivity microphone, hold down the voice button to speak into the microphone can be super TV to understand. Such as stocks, routes, weather, program listings, song playback, film and television search. In addition, Super Remote 3 can support more than 90% of somatosensory games on the market. With its comfortable control features, you can enjoy the super joy of large-screen games.

Secret 4: The first theme market in the television industry

The biggest difference between LeTV and traditional TV companies lies in their interchangeable themes, built-in theme market, numerous television themes for you to choose from, and the industry's leading designers to customize their personalized themes. For a theme, for a mood, LeTV as you create your own personalized space.

Secret 5: meticulously built exclusive TV accessories

Lok is regarded as able to increase the user's sense of experience on the TV, specially developed and produced special accessories such as super gun king, super somatosensory camera and other super TVs to greatly enhance the interaction between human and TV. Among them, the LeTV Super Gunner can be said to be one of the most distinctive features of many products. It has strong recoil, and the 1:1 simulation ratio fully demonstrates LeTV's unique product concept.

In addition, according to sources close to LeTV, LeTV will launch a series of major events in addition to the launch of Super TV in September. At that time, there will be a mysterious product appearance. Interested consumers are worth looking forward to!


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