LED lights make winter more beautiful

These gorgeous light trees are made of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). These LEDs are completely encapsulated in epoxy resin. They are small in size, uniform in illumination, fast in response, low in operating voltage of 2-3.6V, and low in current. 0.02-0.03A, low power consumption 0.03-0.06W (cold light source, no easy to burn), long life of 100,000 hours (10 times longer than traditional), can be driven by various DC, AC, pulse and other power sources . The illuminating color can be divided into monochrome, two-color, three-color and multi-color (red, green and blue 256 × 256 × 256 = 16,777,216 colors). The brightness can be divided into ordinary, high brightness, and ultra high brightness. At the same time, discoloration, flashing LEDs, etc. can be produced.
Because the LEDs are small in size, they can be implanted into the interior of the small flowers and the roots of various shapes, and they can be made into safflower, blue, green and white flowers, green leaves, pink leaves, red leaves and gray leaves. . By controlling the flicker and light and dark, it shows a dynamic drop and turbulent wind and wind shape, and also controls the display of leaves of different colors, allowing you to experience the seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter in a time.
Nostalgia in the colorful flowers and trees, let you forget the current season...

Electronic Calculator advantage:

Made of highly quality material ABS,forming high and difficult to deformation,comfortable hand feeling,smooth and natural,the color of the covers are soft plump with a good vision.

The background color of our LCD is light gray.we can see the displayed word font is long,this make the largest proportion viewing area of the use of LCD glass,the high-quality conductive paper.it is sticky and high conductivity,then using the tape reinforcement on both sides of the contact tip.it is to prevent vibration looseing.

Using original IC chip.the computing speed is very quick.with the intelligent binding.it is protective and highly contact.

Electronic Calculator

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