LED lighting safety classification

LED lighting safety classification

LED lighting safety levels can be divided into four types, LED lamp manufacturers in the production of LED lamps are also used as a basis.

Category 0 lamps: Non-ground lamps, rely on basic insulation as protection against electric shock. This means that the easily accessible conductive parts of the luminaire are not connected to the protective conductors in the fixed lines of the facility, and if the basic insulation fails, it will have to rely on the environment.

Class I lamps: There are ground lamps. The lamp's protection against electric shock not only depends on the basic insulation, but also includes additional safety measures. That is, the easy-to-reach conductive parts are connected to the protective grounding conductor in the fixed line of the facility, making it easy to reach. The conductive parts are not charged in the event of a basic insulation failure.

Class II lamps: Earthless LED lamps, protection against electric shock not only by basic insulation, but also with additional safety measures, such as double insulation or reinforcement, but no protective grounding measures or rely on installation conditions.

Class III lamps: Protection against electric shock depends on the power supply voltage being a safety extra-low voltage (ac voltage less than 50V rms) and will not generate LED lamps with higher SELV voltages.

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