Jingke Electronics: "Easy" series leads the industry transformation

[Source: "High-tech LED - Research and Review" July issue Hu Yanling]

Jingke Electronics (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jingke Electronics) officially moved into the newly completed LED industry base in Nansha, Guangzhou, and started a new journey with the “Easy” series of products.

According to reports, Jingke Electronics LED industry base has a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan. The goal is to build a production line with an annual output value of 2.5 billion high-power LED epitaxy, chip and module manufacturing, LED light source device products in Guangzhou, and form a large-scale LED upstream and upstream industry. chain.

Xiao Guowei, general manager of Jingke Electronics, revealed that the company's plan is to extend downstream through chip technology and directly face terminal lighting companies to provide chip-level light sources. "The industry chain has been compressed and integrated. You will find that upstream enterprises will cut into the mid-stream packaging enterprises, and packaging companies will cut into downstream lighting manufacturing. This is the product of the law of technological development and the law of market development." Xiao Guowei said.

Based on this, the "easy" series of gold-line packaged and high-reliability light source products came into being. Xiao Guowei introduced that from the end of 2010, Jingke Electronics began to extend the core technology related to flip chip to chip-level light source technology, and developed wafer-level packaging technology based on the original chip products, and combined with independent intellectual property rights. The chip technology has built a mass production platform for the "Easy" series of products based on chip-level light source technology.

"This year, the income of the 'Easy' series of products will account for more than 60% of the company's total revenue." Xiao Guowei revealed.

Industry chain change

The competition in the LED market has intensified, and many companies are seeking ways to find products to go to sea. “The industry chain is beginning to show signs of integration. The relationship between upstream and downstream is getting closer and closer. More and more enterprises are beginning to extend downstream. This is the product of technology and market development to a certain stage.” Xiao Guowei said.

In this context, Jinko Electronics is very clear about its industrial positioning and market positioning. "We hope to be a professional supplier and foundry of LED chips, devices, light sources and modules. We provide OEM and ODM services to downstream luminaire manufacturers and customers." Xiao Guowei said.

The role of Jinko Electronics is to enable customers to remove concerns about "upstream" LED chips, devices, light sources and light engines, and to provide more competitive services and products for terminals. The upstream referred to here is different from the traditional LED industry, including epitaxy, chip, package, and light engine. In other words, it is a concept of LED devices, modules, and components. Jingke will go in this direction in the future. open up.

“The setting of Jinke Electronics’ technical route has greatly simplified the production process of downstream lighting customers. What our customers need to do is to make the LED characteristics truly play and lead LEDs beyond the direction of lighting.” Xiao Guowei said .

He pointed out that so far, the advantages of LED in the field of lighting have not been fully realized. LED itself as a digital device for semiconductors, its ultimate advantage in lighting is to reflect the needs of society, people's light, not just the need for lighting. Nowadays, LED lighting products will be more intelligent, digital and information-oriented in the future. It will be the time when real LEDs will take advantage.

Jingke Electronics wants to be Foundry in the LED industry, but he also admits that it is difficult for domestic companies to rely on technology leadership. On the one hand, it must cope with the abnormal development of the market; on the other hand, it must be a medium and long-term development of technology and product planning. Enterprises must be forward-looking and down-to-earth.

"Easy" series revenue will exceed 60%

As an emerging industry, LEDs are infinitely changing. The only constant in the industry is that technology updates are too fast, and there is no life without innovation.

In 2011, Jingke Electronics launched a series of ceramic-based light source products, the "Easy" series "Xinghui Shine" products, which attracted attention from all parties. This series of products is based on APT patented technology--inverted soldering technology, which realizes gold-free and solid-free plastic package of single-chip and multi-chip modules. It has high brightness, high light efficiency, high reliability, low thermal resistance and consistent color. Good character and so on.

"The core of the 'Easy' series is not the packaging technology, but the chip technology. Only the complete combination of epitaxial technology and chip technology can realize the wafer-level packaging process." Xiao Guowei pointed out that the package products of a single package factory are especially high-power products. Technological advantages will become weaker and weaker, and continuous innovation can survive in a cruel market environment. The “Easy” series completes the packaging part of the function on the chip, which can reduce the cost of the light source by 30%-50% for downstream enterprises.

The launch of the “Easy” series of products has been warmly welcomed by the market. Xiao Guowei revealed that even in the case of factory relocation in the second quarter, orders for the “Easy” series are still fully loaded. The launch of the "Easy" series has caused the company's operating income to quickly break through 100 million yuan. In 2011, Jingke Electronics' revenue reached 1.3-140 million yuan. Xiao Guowei revealed that the company's goal this year is that the "easy" series of sales revenue should account for more than 60% of the company's total revenue.

At present, “Easy Star”, “Yihui”, “Easy Flash” and “Yi Yao” can meet all the needs of indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, special lighting and car lighting. Xiao Guowei revealed that the company's next goal is to launch two "easy" series for LED backlights.

“The market downturn last year was not the development of LED lighting, but the demand for TV backlights did not reach the expected development.” Xiao Guowei pointed out that last year everyone estimated that the penetration rate of LED TV backlights should reach 65%, and the best TV is the result. Manufacturers' LED penetration rate is also less than 45%. LED TV backlights still have huge room for development. At present, Jingke Electronics' TV backlight customers include TCL, Changhong, AUO and other first-line manufacturers.

Shareholder structure ensures sustainable development

Jingke Electronics was established in 2006 as a joint venture between Hong Kong Microcrystalline Advanced Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. and mainland investment partners. “Today, the shareholders of Jingke Electronics have grown to include listed companies in Hong Kong, listed companies in Taiwan, international venture capital, China industry funds, etc. The reasonable layout of shareholders guarantees the source of funds for sustainable development and forms an industry alliance.” Xiao Guowei said.

Jingyuan Optoelectronics, one of Taiwan's largest upstream epitaxial chip companies, is also a shareholder of Jingke Electronics. Jingyuan Optoelectronics has invested in 9 MOCVD equipment. Currently, these 9 MOCVD epitaxial production lines are located in Taiwan and will not be moved to Guangzhou Nansha Industrial Park.

“Jingke Electronics has indirectly become a member of the Pan-Opto Electric Alliance (the members of the Pan-Opto Electric Alliance include Taiwan, such as Jingyuan Optoelectronics, Guang-Guang, and Yiguang, which are alliances formed through equity participation or mergers and acquisitions). From the full-scale stereo mode of epitaxy, chip, and package." Xiao Guowei revealed.

Jingke Electronics joined the Pan-Platinum Power Alliance mainly for the international market. At present, the company has formed a complete patent layout in the United States, Europe, Japan and China through the PTC platform. “The 'Easy' series is well-established in the European and American markets, and there are no patent issues.” Xiao Guowei said. He also revealed that the company's next plan is to unite with shareholders to jointly develop the Japanese market in the form of shareholder alliances.

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