IPS must be good? Some Misunderstandings That We Can See When We Select Smart TVs

When it comes to smart TVs, although all of us are very familiar with it, there are not many who will choose smart TVs. The development of science and technology is getting faster and faster. Especially with the launch of the Internet smart TV brand in recent years, the technology on the smart TV has been updated almost every year, and many people still choose the smart TV according to the methods that have been circulating on the Internet for a long time. As a result, it is very likely that you will give yourself a pit. Let's take a look at some of the misunderstandings that most people have when selecting smart TVs.

Misunderstanding 1: Choose smart TV only IPS screen.

Have you heard of rumors about buying smart TVs and buying IPS long ago? Especially in the store when listening to shopping guides continue to instill IPS better and more expensive reason, is it right? IPS screen has become an artifact-like existence? The vast majority of people previously bought IPS screens because IPS has the advantages of wide viewing angle, fast response, and so on. But in reality, the quality of a screen cannot be distinguished by material alone.

To know that some smart TVs nowadays use inferior IPS screens, not only serious light leakage, but also very obvious color difference. However, some smart TVs that use VA screens have high contrast, small color difference, wide color gamut, and richer details. , And VA screen has never been light troubles, low heat, power consumption is also small. It can be seen that the IPS screen is not the only standard for selecting smart TVs. For example, the 78-inch curved smart TV recently debuted in China’s new song uses a true 4K surface VA screen, which is full of colorful screen layers, and the new 55 watts listed on the Microwhale. Surface smart TVs also have the same features.

Misunderstanding 2: Select smart smart TV to see the number of processor cores.

For this misunderstanding I think many people are easier to understand, if people who know more about the mobile phone processor know that there is a very classic comparison in the middle-end and high-end mobile phones, that is, Xiaolong 652 and Helio X20. Looking at the number of cores alone, the Snapdragon 652 is only eight cores, while the Helio X20 is ten cores, but according to the actual experience of a large number of users, the overall performance of the Snapdragon 652 is stronger than that of the Helio X20. The core is not necessarily better.

Good steel used in the blade, the small whale 55 inch curved TV in addition to 64-bit processor, but also added a 6M60 independent image processor chip, this is like a DIY computer graphics card, the screen response screen response up to 6ms , far more than the same price competition products 8ms, we can maximize the solution to the problem we have when watching smart TV, while ensuring that the 4K video playback, play games have a smooth experience.

Misunderstanding 3: Buy smart TV light to see the hardware configuration.

In recent years, the competition in the Internet smart TV market has become more and more serious. As a result, many smart TV brands have played a price war, claiming that their smart TVs have the highest allocation at the same price point. However, we have to consider the richness of resources in addition to the configuration when selecting smart TVs. Some smart TVs are smart TVs to buy home, but the poor resources are basically the same as tasteless.

Today's Internet smart TV brands are rich in resources and they must be micro-whales and music videos. LeTV is a media service provider and has many natural resources. Behind the micro-whale is the Chinese culture, Tencent, and the Central People's Broadcasting Station, and its resource richness is also not bad.

We recently saw the debut of the new Chinese singer live on the surface of the micro-whale surface TV. At the same time, the micro-whale is still the producer of the Chinese version of the new vocal VR. Therefore, the users of the micro-whale can also see the panoramic version of the new Chinese singing voice. I think it's enough to make people feel blind.

Misunderstanding 4: Buy smart TV does not pay attention to the value of color.

Many people think that smart TV is just a leisure tool. But in reality smart TVs have become one of the most important decorations in the home. Therefore, it is still very important to have a high-value smart TV. For example, the micro-whale 55-inch surface smart TV uses 4000R gold curvature design, the base for the bridge-type art design, giving people a light and agile visual beauty. The design style of the machine is simple and elegant. The perfect combination of technology and aesthetics can naturally add a lot to the living room.

These are some of the major misunderstandings that have occurred in recent years when many people choose smart TVs. They hope that they can help you in the selection of smart TVs.

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