Intelligent hardware grounding is difficult, and production OEM problems are many

With the gradual improvement of the domestic intelligent hardware ecosystem, the upstream supplier production technology is more mature, the institutions that provide services for intelligent hardware products are slowly emerging, and the giants such as Google and Apple are joining, and the intelligent hardware market will become more mature.

Even a smart water cup takes half a year from design to production, not to mention smart wearables and smart homes with higher technology thresholds. "A smart watch is only a production link, it has to go through more than 10 suppliers, and finally get Foxconn to assemble, the intermediate link is very complicated." Wang Xiaobin, founder of Yingqu Technology, said with no emotion.

Therefore, for entrepreneurs who are currently doing intelligent hardware, how to coordinate software and hardware, how to balance the design and functions, how to better implement the user experience is a problem that must be solved. On the same day, the Internet practitioners who started to work on the ground began to make hardware startups, and all the problems they faced were new.

However, on the other hand, with the gradual improvement of the domestic intelligent hardware ecosystem, the upstream supplier production technology is more mature, and the design agencies, cloud storage and other third-party organizations that provide services for intelligent hardware products are beginning to appear slowly, and such as With the addition of giants such as Google and Apple, the smart hardware market will be more mature and more imaginative.

Intelligent hardware grounding is difficult, and production OEM problems are many

Design link: design is also very important

Hardware design company was born

Design is a critical factor in determining the sales of a smart hardware product. Smart wearables, as part of intelligent hardware, pay more attention to the design of the exterior. According to statistics released by Tencent's latest "Smart Wearable Device Market White Paper", the proportion of users who use smart wearable design within one month is 48%, while the demand for appearance of users over one month has risen to nearly 54. %. This means that the longer the user spends, the higher the appearance requirements.

Luo Yingbo, vice president of the technology market, said: "For the smart watches we make, I think the order of importance should be appearance, service, and data accumulation. Because it is a product that people wear, it is a big attraction to attract attention. People. The products we made before may not be so good in design, so the sales volume is not expected to be so much. Later, in the process of improving the products, we pay great attention to improving the appearance, the appearance should let the users like, and the quality of the products is felt. Sense, then our π products use a leather strap, the case is also made of stainless steel. The sales volume is nearly 50,000. So our positioning is to make a luxury smart watch, both the look of the fashion watch and the smart watch. Features."

In addition to the company's own design, Image Technology will also cooperate with third-party design companies. It is reported that a product launched by the company next year will cooperate with Yihao Technology, which is responsible for the design and the company is responsible for technology.

It is understood that the strength of Yihao Technology lies in the industrial design of the front end. Yi Kang, founder of Yihao Technology, told reporters that the appearance of the hardware reflects the taste of the brand. “The company is positioning high-end and high-end value products. We want to design more tasteful products. The main target users are young people like 90s.” For Kang Kang, the company designed watches. The main competitors are not domestic smart hardware products, but foreign well-known design watches.

Of course, Yiyi is not a traditional design company. He has the shadow of Internet companies, such as the company's practice of collecting design ideas through crowdsourcing.

“Now we have 3-4 products in this crowdsourcing way. The original intention is to let the people who understand the product design, can design many products with different appearances. And we are responsible for the subsequent production and sales links. Whether such products are suitable for the brand style of Yiyi. We have recently opened an accelerated incubator of more than 1,000 square meters to allow some designers to settle in, and our acceleration team will cooperate with them."

Prior to this, Yi's more successful attempt in this regard was the Little Devil series charging treasure. The designer's works collected will be put on the official website, and the more voting designs will be applied to the products. The designers can get the sales of the products. It is reported that some designers can earn 10,000 yuan a month.

At present, there are many third-party companies such as Yiyi that provide design for intelligent hardware companies, such as the Rococo Design Group, also located in Shenzhen, and the US intelligent hardware design company Fuseproject, which designed headphones and bracelets for jawbone.

An entrepreneur who has studied industrial design joked that this profession is difficult to find a job in China. Many students have switched to UI. Now, after the rise of smart hardware, it is good for industrial design professionals because it means There are more job opportunities.

Production process: the problem is the longest running-in period

Beijing and Shanghai office

After the intelligent hardware product is designed, it is necessary to get the manufacturer to proof, make a prototype, and simultaneously develop the software.

For companies that make smart hardware, Shenzhen is their preferred manufacturing base. Many companies set up their headquarters in Shenzhen, and more often, a company works in Beijing and Shenzhen.

Autobot founder Hao Yawei told reporters that "relatively speaking, Beijing's product atmosphere is better, and our operating departments are all in Beijing. Shenzhen is mainly the back-end supply chain sales after-sales service department. Because there are many manufacturers in Shenzhen, there are congenital conditions. .

If the future intelligent hardware is developed, Beijing and Shenzhen cannot be ignored. ”

At present, most intelligent hardware companies are looking for component manufacturing plants and assembly plants in Shenzhen or around. It is understood that there are tens of thousands of component suppliers. Take Yingci Technology as an example. In order to produce a watch, it has to go through more than ten manufacturers, and finally get Foxconn to assemble. According to Luo Yingbo, the upstream chip manufacturers of their smart watches mainly include MTK, Qualcomm and Beijing Junzheng.

Many of the CPUs used in the series of products, such as Yinghuo, Shanguo, and Tuman, are produced by Beijing Junzheng Co., Ltd. Beijing Jun is an embedded CPU chip and solution provider that has developed XBurst CPU series chips for smart wearable devices. Compared with Qualcomm and other chips, it has low energy consumption. Currently listed in the domestic A-share market, last year the company's portable consumer electronics CPU revenue reached 34,659,500 yuan.

In the middle is the component provider, the main use of the acoustic device is for the Apple, Samsung's micro-microphone supplier AAC, Yunzhisheng and Keda Xunfei provide a speech recognition system. In terms of materials, such as the one that has recently been pushed, the sapphire material provided by Hunan Blue Lion Technology is used. The main supplier of cameras is Ningbo Haoyu production camera. “Many of these manufacturers are companies that have produced components for Samsung and Apple.”

Product Parameters

Description: Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker with Dazzling Light
Product dimension: Dia 155mm x H 45mm
Material: ABS+PC
Weight: 330g
LED Color: RGB+Warm White
LED Power: 0.5W
Speaker Power: 5W
Lamp Current: 15-20mA
LED Qty: 8pcs RGB lamp beads+4pcs Warm White lamp beads
Battery Capacity: 3.7V, 1000mA (Li battery included)
Protocol: Bluetooth 4.1-CSR
Color of product: Dark Grey
Charging type: by a USB charger
Control Distance: 10m ( No obstacles)
Charging Time: 1.5 hours
Continue Use Time: 3-5 hours
Packing: Each in a color box
Waterproof Index: IP44
Warranty: 1 Year
Certification: CE (EMC,RED) ,ROHS, SCC, BQB,FCC
Suitable Occasions: Outdoor, especially when camping and working in the garden
Color box  size: 22.2*20.6*5cm
G.W. of  Unit: 0.52kg
N.W. of Unit: 0.33kg


We combine the Bluetooth speaker with RGBW Light, one switch easy control four lighting modes: warm white lighting mode, no lighting mode, dazzling lighting mode, RGB lighting mode. High-quality speaker with loud, clear sound, combine with color lighting, the plastic sticker can be detachable, waterproof index is IP44, used in the bedrooms, gardens, and swimming pools.


The connection steps are very easy: turn on the speaker by pressing the button at the bottom, open the Bluetooth in the phone, wait for the Bluetooth to search the speaker, then connect successfully. 

The Bluetooth Speaker With Light has four modes, can be pick by one button at the bottom of speaker.

The first mode, rhythm mode, light can jump with the rhythm of the music, initial light color is red;

The second mode is the color light auto-cycle mode, light can be automatically cycled,  initial light color is yellow;

The third mode, the warm white lighting mode, the light color is warm white;

The fourth mode, speaker only mode, in which the initial light is blue, then slowly goes out,  the music continue to play.

Garden speaker with light (3)

Garden Speaker With Light

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