Improve the quality of LED lamps should be based on the overall heat dissipation point of view

OFweek semiconductor lighting network: Whether the LED lamp is stable, the quality of the lamp and the heat dissipation of the lamp body itself is important. At present, the heat dissipation of the high-brightness LED lamp on the market usually adopts natural heat dissipation, and the effect is not satisfactory. LED lamps are composed of LEDs, heat dissipation structures, drivers, and lenses. Therefore, heat dissipation is an important part. If the heat is not ideal, the life of the lamps themselves will be affected.

The application of heat dissipating materials in the industry should not only focus on the heat dissipation coefficient, but ignore the thermal resistance value. If you only see a certain heat sink, heat sink, heat sink or thermal film with a good heat dissipation coefficient, you can think that you can conduct high heat out, which may be disappointing. It is expected that the temperature will drop, the LED epitaxial will not be light-degraded due to overheating, the life of the street lamp can be effectively extended, and the acceptance can be smoothly passed, which may not occur.

Etching the substrate from the substrate line, coating the LED backlight ink, baking the upper protective film into the oven, leveling the whole board, and attaching the thermal conductive film (in order to pass the different breakdown voltage requirements of different countries, the thermal conductive film may have to be attached Several layers are applied, and the heat-dissipating module is combined with adhesive or lock. In this cumbersome process, it can be found that the material with better thermal conductivity is also defeated by the thermal resistance.

The air, the non-closed pores of the joint, the heat-dissipating gasket, the powder formed by the evaporation of the heat-dissipating oil, and the film thickness of the multi-layer thermal conductive film all form a thermal impedance. These multiple levels of thermal resistance can impede the rate of heat conduction, heat conduction is very slow, and even conduction to the surface of the luminaire, resulting in a cumulative increase in heat.

The white backlight ink on the surface of the aluminum substrate should not only be reflective, but also can disperse the heat of the lower layer through the backlight of the surface.

Some manufacturers do not observe, replacing the LED-specific backlight ink with a general white text ink, which is equivalent to adding a layer of hard paint to seal the heat.

After many failures, manufacturers have accepted new ideas and processes, focusing on the overall cooling program. The aluminum substrate is changed to a heat-dissipating white backlight ink for LED. If a yellowish backlight ink is specified, the reflectance will be increased to 91%. Spraying between the copper foil substrate and the aluminum substrate with a soft ceramic heat-dissipating paint can reduce the amount of the Japanese thermal conductive film and increase the breakdown voltage at a very low cost.

According to the crown, the lamp protection cover should be discarded from traditional plating or baking varnish. These two methods will seal the heat back into the lamp. To protect the luminaire from the climatic environment, the heat is effectively conducted out, and the effective way to save money is to spray a soft ceramic heat-dissipating paint. Only from the perspective of the overall heat dissipation concept, reducing the thermal resistance interference is the key to the acceptance of LED large lamps.

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