Huayi V5 how to watch live TV

Is there such a smart mini projector with both the appearance and the picture quality? Of course, the Huayi V5 mobile version we will be evaluating today may be a very good choice for you.

Huayi V5 uses a minimalist design style, white porcelain body with magnesium alloy structure, light and strong. The thickness is only 2.8 cm and the weight is only 525 grams. Therefore, it is very convenient when you are carrying or moving around, and you can completely put it in your backpack so that you do not feel a bit of burden. Today, the small series of sofa nets will take everyone to see what advantages and disadvantages this new smart micro-projection has compared with the nut G1.

Smart micro shots that can be pocketed

In terms of interface design, Huayi V5 provides HDMI/USB/TF card slots and audio ports, which is enough for us to watch movies and play games. The 18,000 mAh charging post can both charge the Huayi V5 and power the mobile phone or other electronic products. However, in terms of weight, I feel that if it is a stand-alone, it can also be placed in the bag. But if you add this piece of charging, it will be a little heavy. However, it is OK for a long journey or if you carry it in the car.

The main purpose of a lot of friends buying smart micro projectors is to watch high-definition movies. How about the source of a smart micro projector? Is it rich? Whether or not the playback effect is clear and smooth is a place that many friends need to consider when purchasing.

From the actual experience, Huayi V5's picture quality can be regarded as excellent. Although it is small in size, it is not inferior to the similar intelligent micro-projection products in terms of picture quality. Whether it is the richness of the built-in video, or the clarity and fluency of the playback, it is a top-notch. Therefore, if you need a small, large, intelligent micro-projection product, Huayi V5 is a good choice.

In addition to these conventional movies, American dramas, and variety shows, the Huayi V5 also supports 3D movie features. So is the 3D one-click 3D application easy to use? Let's experience it together.

Huayi V5 mobile version also has many casual games built in, so you can easily at home. In addition, with the HDML interface, you can connect the Huayi V5 to your PS4, XBOX and other gaming terminal devices to enjoy a large-screen gaming experience.

Of course, since it is an Android system, users can also expand their video resources by installing third-party software. Xiao Bian here still recommends the most popular sofa housekeeper on the market. After entering the official website to install the corresponding sofa housekeeper, The user can easily install Xiaobian’s recommended video on demand broadcast software through the installation prerequisite.

After the sofa butler is installed, you can quickly install all kinds of video, music, games, early education and other applications directly on the TV. The sofa butler → recommendation → TV must have many common applications, such as HDP on-demand, on-demand pudding video. All are good TV live video software, such as the King of Fighters 98, running karts, let your box play to the extreme.

TV game on the sofa - Street Fighter

Sofa Tube Home Download HDP Live

Huayi V5 can be said to be a very classic smart mini projector, and this time we tested the V5 mobile version and added a portable charging pile device on top of the original V5 to provide you with a long-distance travel experience. Reliable power supply guarantee. In terms of picture quality and HD video playback, Huayi V5 can be said to be the best in its class. If you need a mobile mini portable projector with excellent picture quality, the Huayi V5 is a good choice.

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