How lighting lighting companies should respond to industry changes

As an important part of product circulation, dealers are responsible for channel-to-terminal sales. However, in recent years, with the wave of flat channels and the rising power of new channels, and the increasing awareness of people's consumption, there are indications that industry changes have begun. Obviously, this has brought a severe test to traditional businesses. What is even more frightening is that some dealers are facing a crisis of survival. Under the pressure of industry change, how should dealers actively adapt to the sales strategy? I have been engaged in energy-saving sales for more than ten years. I talk about the current situation of the market and how to deal with the changes in the industry.

Problem and root cause

As far as the current market situation is concerned, the following problems are common:

First, the market is light, and the business is in a daze. According to the market rules of Shengqi, the market business atmosphere has entered a light situation. Another reason is that some markets have no positioning, no subdivision, and in terms of market operation, price is the only competitive chip. The rules of the brand operate, and the result is bad. The market is often followed by the expansion of the market. There are several markets and customers are scattered, which will inevitably result in fewer people coming to the market. However, there are also a few businesses with hot business. The warehouse is shipped every day, and the reason is realized. Through years of good faith management, the products sold and operated have opened up and have certain customer resources. The customer is in the palm of his hand, the mind decides the mind, and the decision is made, so the business is good. Think again, his current shopping malls are all the same everywhere; think again, the market is indeed very serious, and the business days of doing business by the market are even more severe.

Second, small shop stalls, products are difficult to sell. Small shop stalls, often do not have their own brand, the majority of businessmen's business operations are based on the needs of customers to the brand to operate the store to adjust the goods. This simple operation mode forms a low threshold for opening a store, and it is easier to open more and more, and this store is the first to bear the price struggle, resulting in a margin of profit margin, competition is fierce, and business is getting harder and harder. However, the original small shop stalls can not talk about failure, managed to dominate the idea of ​​eating, the actual market conditions are also difficult??! Some people think that no loss is already good.

Third, earn a big profit, eat eggs today. It is always thought that the opening of the store will be booming. As the urbanization process accelerates, the demand for lighting in modern life is getting higher and higher, so the development trend of the industry market is changing. In recent years, some merchants have begun to adopt the strategy of taking the initiative to do brand service. This change of Taoism is the inevitable trend of the traditional professional market. However, many old business ideas in the market still dominate. Renovation will cause customers to pay attention to their scale and strength. They are greatly disappointed by the business concept of sitting on the doorstep of customers. Some days, the marketing amount is actually zero.

Fourth, not seeking innovation, survival is difficult. It is always believed that the threshold of operating lamps is low. In terms of employing people, it is irrelevant to do business culture as long as it does not require talents. There is no need for innovation, especially marketing platform innovation, marketing communication innovation, marketing public relations innovation, such innovation must be planned, supported and operated by talents, but no innovative businessman has no unique thinking. There is no difference, which makes some businesses difficult.

Promotion and development

In the face of the industry transformation period, how to promote and develop businesses? I think we must change from the following aspects:

First of all: the transformation initiative, marketing is the dragon. In the existing professional market operation process, with the deepening and development of the market economy, people's concept of brand is changing, the market is bound to have a trend of refinement and transformation. For the terminal operating in the first line of the market, we must first Under the guidance of this idea of ​​modern marketing, under the guidance of the idea of ​​modern marketing, we must implement the strategy of going global, and we must act to promote the static. This is just like the Yellow Emperor’s internal statement. "Shou also", to have the result of winning, must have the knowledge of marketing, the implementation of marketing initiatives.
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