How dare to play if not enough color? Hisense MU7000 ULED TV Reviews

First throw a question, now rich pockets, TV selection for the living room, your preferred domestic TV or Sony, Samsung and other Japanese and Korean brands? Putting it on 10 years ago, consumers may not hesitate to choose the latter. After all, a large brand TV is placed in the living room, highlighting its own style of taste. However, in recent years, this answer seems to have swayed. Whether it is industrial design, display technology or audio HIFI, the domestic TV has an extraordinary momentum. With its own technology accumulation, it also begins to talk about the latest technology in the world. With the decline of the high-end market for Japanese TV brands led by Sony, and the success of domestic appliances such as Hisense, the company has expanded its market share and secured high-end market share with its innovative display technology and increasingly robust brand image.

ULED display technology, which was developed in 2011, has now been used for three generations. With the characteristics of high dynamic range, high color gamut, high definition, and high motion fluency, ULED technology will enhance the LCD TV display image quality to the “ultimate”. At the Shanghai AWE2016 exhibition, Hisense released a new ULED TV - Hisense "worldview" series of TV MU7000, the main 4K ultra-clear, full HDR technology. Significantly increase the contrast of the picture, significantly improve the grayscale, make the black darker, white more pure. In terms of experience, gesture recognition has been added to the entire scene to bring a new revolution in somatosensory remote control.

Appearance: Atmosphere

Although "internal beauty" is very important, it is still necessary to look at "face." Hisense MU7000 takes the simplicity as the beauty, removes the extra embellishment, because the overall appearance of the screen with a very narrow border looks quite dark, and also makes the screen field of vision wider, combined with the popular champagne gold, filling the atmosphere.

The backplane design color and material are divided exactly, the upper part is a whole metal backplane, after metal wire drawing processing, and the circuit is concentrated in the bottom plastic back cover, the bottom is a multi-channel speaker unit, leaving enough heat on it hole. The intimate part is that the brackets of the wall design are integrated into one, eliminating the need for heavy metal brackets on traditional TV wall hangings.

On the market, it is undeniable that manufacturers are eager to pursue ultra-thin bodies, and it is undeniable that it brings a sense of fashion aesthetics and technology. However, this ultra-thin beauty is based on sacrificing the quality and security of the TV. In this regard, Hisense TV takes both into account. On the one hand, it pursues thinness, but it retains the audio configuration and picture quality that the camera should have. Backlight hardware. The thinnest point is about 10.3mm. Not thin, but its thickness is perfectly acceptable for a performance TV.

Hisense MU7000 uses a metal edging design, which brings a super metal texture to this TV. The panel frame width is only 8mm, with a good visual perception.

In terms of materials, it is also not costly, all-metal edging, supplemented by sheet metal technology, the edge of the cutting by CNC, showing a bright oblique posture. The details of the place highlight its exquisite and noble charm. The logo design uses a mosaic design with a concealed breathing light design to give the overall light of science and technology.

The base is simple in design and uses trigonometry. The all-metal double V-pin of Champagne gold color brings more solid large-screen support. At the same time, the surface is treated with a paint process and the texture is more prominent. There is also a non-slip mat at the base support point.

Interface settings, Hisense MU7000 provides USB3.0, video input, HDMI and other interfaces, fully meet the needs of home, but also equipped with PIMCIA and TF card slot. Carefulness also lies in designing the commonly used HDMI port and USB port on the side of the TV, and designing the frequently used audio and video input ports on the back, which greatly facilitates the daily operation of the user!

In terms of remote control design, whether it is appearance or color, it can only be said to have personality. Different from the traditional remote control, Hisense MU7000 remote control uses a long design, the remote control is equipped with four shortcut keys below, can quickly reach the corresponding function, simplifies the user's daily control, full of humanity. Also worth mentioning is that this remote control uses a Bluetooth connection and can be operated without aiming at the TV. The 10 meter range is also occluded and can be operated. It is very convenient.

Summary: The overall appearance of the impression is a luxurious atmosphere, whether it is the appearance of color, wrapping details, back design or stent design, all show a very good process of beauty, and the details are also very unique.

2 screen performance comprehensive test

Screen performance test: enough "color"

Quality is the essential demand of TV. In this link, we generally give the evaluation results of the products first, so that everyone has a general understanding, and also paves the way for the reading of the next article. The performance of Hisense MU7000 is outstanding. The control and system UI are also a lot of highlights. In general, the score is 9 points. Why is it such a high score? Look at the various tests.

The above is the quality parameters of Hisense MU7000. Using high color gamut display technology, near full color gamut performance makes the overall picture color more saturated, the picture details are more abundant; the brightness performance is even more striking, the average brightness is as high as 395.33cd/m2, Provides a solid hardware foundation for HDR technology, and with its regional backlighting technology, even the slightest changes in brightness, can be the most full presentation.

Color performance test

Looking at the color transition from the above figure, Hisense MU7000 transitions between different colors. There is no hard mark or obvious abrupt change between color and color. It is soft and natural. The pixels can be seen using the RGB true 4K panel, not the current WRGB4 false 4K panel, which brings a true 4K image quality experience.

The Hisense MU7000's NTSC color gamut is as high as 97.872% (the evaluation room adopts the internationally accepted CIE1931 color gamut standard). It can be seen from the color gamut diagram that the red and blue display are particularly excellent. In terms of brightness uniformity, Hisense MU7000 also performed well and the overall brightness level was very high.

Silk and yarn ball standard test screen. The different shades of color in the same color shades of the silk screen can be well separated. No color cast appears, and the details are very delicate. The boundary between red and pink in the lower right corner of the yarn ball screen is very clear, there is no obvious color cast caused by the color crossover, and the color from the dark part to the bright part is very natural, and the saturation of the color is high.

Light control performance test

In the brightness test session, we will first turn the backlight on to the brightest, but the brightness value uses the default, so the brightness looks more natural. The average brightness of Hisense MU7000 is as high as 395.33cd/m2. The test screen shot can be seen in the overall gray scene, the overall picture is very sharp and clean; from dark to light, the details of the different levels of grayscale performance are excellent.

Grayscale test, from 0 to 15 from black to white in the continuous change, Hisense MU7000 can clearly show the obvious level of each level. This credit comes from the full HDR technology, which improves the contrast of the picture and significantly improves the grayscale.

Black and white standard test screen. Hisense MU7000's black-and-white screens performed quite well. In the Tokyo Tower, while the sky was sinking, the darkness of the middle billboards was clearly distinguished; the charcoal screens were overall dark, but they retained the details of the side woodgrains; black and white dresses. On the women's test screen, regardless of the color of the dress in which the woman is dressed, the silk silhouette of her clothes can be distinguished in the same color background. Hisense's exclusive backlight dimming technology advantage is reflected in this link.

Dynamic performance test

In this test section, from the enlarged view, through the train window to see whether the scenery on the other side of the train is clear to determine the merits of its dynamic performance, from the real shot of the Hisense MU7000 screen, the edge of the house is very clear. Through the window, you can clearly see the branches of the branches!

From the test results and standard test discs, we can see that Hisense MU7000 dynamic test performance is quite perfect. Of course, a picture represents nothing, let's take a look at other screen shots.

Summary: In terms of image quality, Hisense MU7000 has nearly 100% NTSC high color gamut, outstanding color performance. In terms of light control, the performance of black and white images is very strong, and details in shadows can be well preserved. Dynamic performance, with its backlight area dimming technology and full HDR technology, so that the screen details are retained as possible. With MEMC motion enhancement technology, the motion picture is clearer and smoother.

3 screen technology highlights screen technology highlights:


Many users outside the circle are confused, how could I not hear that there is a ULED panel? U is Ultra. ULED is a display quality technology introduced by Hisense, which is mainly for LCD TVs and electronic medical. It adopts multi-zone independent backlight control and Hiview art engine technology. Hisense claims that ULED has significantly improved the traditional LED display in terms of color gamut, contrast, and response speed.

ULED uses blue chips to excite red and green phosphors or quantum dots. Through the study of the spectral distribution of hundreds of LED backlight spectra and dozens of color filters, a set of simulation models for the color gamut of liquid crystal modules are established and passed. Thousands of experimental data were optimized to design the best color filters and high-gamut LED backlight spectra.

When ULED hits HDR

When the screen upstart ULED hit the hottest star of this year's "HDR technology", the two will collide with what kind of spark it? Look at the picture and compare it with yourself. The object of comparison is an ordinary LCD TV that supports HDR technology.

From the comparison proofs, ordinary HDR LCD TVs seem to be covered with a fog, the entire picture is chaotic, although the brightness is not low, but obviously the contrast is too low, the lack of layering. The entire picture of Hisense MU7000 is transparent, and the screen level is very rich.

Night proofs contrast effect is more obvious. ULED is not bad for shadows, and it is very dark, but there is no lack of description of details, which makes the picture more layered. The bright place is also lit, and the color expression is more accurate, and the HDR LCD TV lacks a lot of details. The stars of the sky and the lines of the rockery on the pavilion are very vague.

Multi-zone backlight dynamic control technology

ULED TV accurately expresses the color of each frame. Of course, it is inseparable from its exclusive multi-zone backlight dynamic control technology. ULED divides the backlight into multiple independent control units, which can be adjusted according to the light and dark distribution of each frame of the image. The brightness of the backlight area.

From the proofs, we can see that the Hisense MU7000 adopts full HDR technology plus backlight dynamic adjustment technology. It has excellent performance in highlights, shadows, colors, and details, as well as good image quality and detail retention. Enough to see HDR technology non-chicken!

4 Local Multimedia Local Multimedia: No Stress at All

Local media playback is a basic and most needed feature of smart TVs. Its support for local media files and playback quality often reflect how high the performance of television is. Today I used the 64G USB3.0 flash disk input to test the Hisense MU7000.

The first test video file, in the movie playback, its decoding is very important. Its supported formats cover the current popular formats, including AVI/DIVX, FLV/F4V, WMV/ASF, 3GP/3G2/3GPP, MP4/M4VMPEG/MPG/DAT/VOB/EVO/VOB, TS/M2TS, MKV/WEBM, MOV, etc.

Whether it is the mainstream format mp4, mkv, rmvb, indispensable Shishangyou favorite TS format, in front of Hisense MU7000 original ViewPro original quality engine, are playing perfectly. With the full HDR technology, when playing a fierce battle scene, the picture is clear, reducing the veil of intense images.

Take all the mainstream video formats and encodings, but when it comes to 4K TV, it's H.265 encoding.

4K picture presentation

It is undeniable that different people are more sensitive to color and different perceptions, and there are many subjective factors for evaluation.

Lijiang night scene, blue has a certain fullness, but the overall color is very pleasing.

Under the effect of HDR technology, it is very outstanding in color expression. The background is black and pure. The light and shadow effect of the balloon is very outstanding. The bright part keeps the original effect, the dark part appears deeper, the overall picture is very beautiful, the pattern on the balloon Also kept.

The scenes are much more visible. To a few close-ups, the yellow petals of the red flower are yellow and the petals are clear. The bees on the body are clearly visible under the impetus of HDR technology.

Summary: Whether it is a static image analysis playback or dynamic video playback, in this link, you can see the Hisense MU7000 uses the exclusive ViewPro original quality engine, bringing a comprehensive breakthrough in the quality experience. The full HDR technology cooperates with backlight area dimming to avoid losing detailed descriptions in overly dark or overlit scenes. Make the TV picture more rich and real, the color is more natural, fits closer to the color that the human eye sees.

5 system and its UI
System and its UI:

Both aspects of the appearance quality are introduced, and then talk about its "inner beauty." Hisense MU7000 is equipped with a brand new VIDAA intelligent system, integrating high-definition video, quality games, online education, fashion shopping and many other content sections. In terms of function, it also has voice control, completely bid farewell to the cumbersome experience of traditional TV search, playback, and manipulation.

Different from the rotten street based on Android customized TV multi-page operating system, Hisense MU7000 uses vertical scrolling browsing, a page as much as possible to present more content, eliminating the need for multiple levels of jump browsing trouble.

The main interface covers five areas, namely, good-looking, poly-learning, poly-enjoyment, fun-making, and easy-to-use. At the same time, it covers five major areas and adds many new contents to the previous system. Interface In addition to the contents of the 5 large blocks, other software content locations can be freely adjusted, and consumer operation habits are the most important.

The system setup is a system module closely related to the hardware. The Hisense MU7000 simplifies many settings and applications, allowing consumers to more easily enter the system settings to achieve the visual and operational comforts they desire.

Gather together

In terms of content supply, Hisense MU7000 achieved strategic cooperation with industry-leading video platforms such as Huadian, iQiyi, and Tencent Video, with 15,000+ movie resources, 150,000+ TV drama resources, and an average daily update of movie and TV drama resources at 10%. Department above. It can be said that the number of VIDAA movie and TV dramas and the update speed have far surpassed those of the Internet TV brands with the dominant content in the industry.

Although it is 4K TV, but online resources have been criticized by consumers. This time, Hisense United has provided a large number of 4K movie resources for WCDMA TV. As long as the home network supports the situation, it is better to experience the difference between 1080p and 2160p.

Of course, 4K resources are not free, and you need to pay to become a member. Even if users do not purchase members, 92% of free HD content is still guaranteed, and 1080P HD video resources account for more than 90%. Select sharpness to match the situation of your own network, find the smoothest viewing effect, you can also open one-click, skip the beginning and end of the film, direct video content.

This year happens to be the year of sports. Each new product will have more or less a relationship with sports football, and the live sports resources of sports events will certainly be indispensable.

The Rio Olympiad is about to buzz. Although major media have rated it as the worst Olympic Games, both the travel environment and the Olympic Village have been trumpeted, but the enthusiasm for watching the Olympics has not diminished. Ad hoc Olympic special topics and surrounding information content are available for users to order, as well as various data.

6 Features and Summary Features and Summary

Poly Learning

The poly-learning platform is centered on high-quality teaching resources and services and provides a one-stop learning service platform for all family members. In a family, regardless of school-age children and youth, workplace professionals, and middle-aged and elderly people, they can experience quality educational resources through “comfortable learning”.

Unlike other Internet TV education platforms on the market today, gathering is not just about serving children. It can meet all educational needs of the family.

Poly Learning now has 5,000+ faculty and 300,000+ hours of authoritative exquisite courses. In addition to covering all the needs of pre-school, elementary school, junior high school, high school, English, interest, and professional seven roles, it also covers TVs and mobile phones. All terminals, such as PAD, are a multi-screen learning service platform that is suitable for the whole family's full school age.


At present, most of the TV shopping functions are transplanted from the PC or the mobile phone. The user will be very troublesome to operate, and it is inconvenient to check the picture ratio and product information. If you want to check the comments and detailed information, you have to go through very much. Very complicated operations can be achieved, making TV shopping a tasteless!

More and more manufacturers have reduced their investment in this area. Hisense has chosen to try and launch a share purchase station. Its product page “only supports” 3-step operations: sliding upwards will open a detailed video introduction of the product; swipe right to see Detailed product information; click OK to achieve a seamless TV shopping experience with a one-click TV order and mobile phone scanning QR code to complete the payment.

Gathering fun

As a great big-screen TV, not playing games is simply too wasteful. Gathering platform integrates a large number of games optimized for TV, and the classification is also very complete, including the popular online games, as well as the classic stand-alone game masterpiece.

In addition, Hisense MU7000 also supports Bluetooth 4.0, equipped with Bluetooth peripheral devices such as 3D camera, without a remote control can also play powerful smart TV. Really take you to feel the vitality and charm of the big screen.

Good for use

Gathering is a service platform that is specially developed for smart TVs to provide applications. Through various display methods such as category, recommendation, topic, and ranking, it is convenient for users to browse, download, and install various applications, and provides lightweight application management.

to sum up:

In the design, MU7000 appearance simple style design, color fashion luxury, no extra exaggeration embellishment, but there is a slight atmosphere of the United States; in the configuration of the machine pay more attention to the use of technology, such as ULED, ultra-high color gamut, super resolution The same stage of competition with HDR technology makes the MU7000's picture quality greatly improved compared with similar products.

At the same time, the new built-in speaker adopts dual-channel driver to drive independent sound cavity design, supports Dolby and DTS sound effects, and has greater improvement in output effect than ever, enough to meet the needs of home audio and video, of course, MU7000 can also be used by other devices of Bluetooth. It is very convenient to realize interconnection.

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