Guangdong LED companies scramble to lead the development of standards

Recently, Guangdong Province has collected LED lighting companies to participate in the formulation and revision of relevant local standards. Not long after, the company has registered more than 600 related companies, accounting for 1/5 of the total number of LED enterprises in the province.

Xiong Yong, dean of the Guangdong Provincial Institute of Standardization, said that this phenomenon is inseparable from the "LED Lighting Industry Standard System Planning and Roadmap" (hereinafter referred to as the road map) implemented last year by the province. Under the guidance of the road map, the LED industry has tasted the standard of sweetness, and the company's enthusiasm for standard development has been rising.

In January last year, the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau and the Provincial Science and Technology Department jointly issued a road map, planning to complete the revision and revision of 87 local standards in Guangdong Province within three years, aiming to speed up the construction of a standard system to meet the needs of the development of emerging industries and enhance the industry. Product quality and market competitiveness. After the road map was released, the Guangdong Provincial Institute of Standardization took the lead in cooperating with 15 enterprises and institutions to establish an LED lighting standard technology alliance to jointly promote the planning and implementation of the industry standard system. On the one hand, using its own resources and platform advantages, integrating resources of all parties, and establishing "high-end standardized technical services" as a means to actively carry out the construction of LED lighting industry standard system; on the other hand, the institute took the lead in undertaking the National 863 Program "Electromechanical The basic standards and applications of green manufacturing products have become the first local research institutions in China to lead such projects, providing an important intellectual support for industrial development.

In the implementation process of the roadmap, the hospital has achieved rapid update of LED technology, and the product standard development cycle has not kept pace with the development speed of the technology, forming the lack of standards and lag. By implementing the benchmark index of LED lighting products, the quality of LED technology has been realized. Dynamic evaluation not only solves the contradiction that the industry standard lags behind the development of technology, but also enables enterprises to pay attention to standards, attach importance to standards, and speed up the upgrading of products.

Under the influence of the road map, some enterprises have turned the independent research and development of “single-feeling” into a standard to win the standard voice, and seized the commanding heights of the industry. More than 90% of the technical talents in the enterprise and more than 90% of the R&D funds came from the enterprise. More than 90% of the standard projects developed are derived from the agglomeration development model of the enterprise. Foshan Guoxing Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. applied for 206 patents at home and abroad last year. At the same time, it turned patents into standards and realized the synchronization of technological innovation and technical standards.

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