Google's first self-driving car prototype

Google's first self-driving car prototype

December 23, Beijing time, according to CNET reports, Google showed the prototype of the first self-driving car, and said that it will formally go on various tests next year.

The prototype was not significantly different from the models previously shown, but only minor changes were made, including the use of a more elaborate housing for the monitoring of road conditions on the roof. At the same time, Google also installed a headlight for the car. In May this year, Google unveiled its own driverless car for the first time, but the prototypes exhibited at the time did not include the steering wheel, accelerator pedal, rearview mirror and other components.

After the prototype was first announced, Google assembled many other prototypes, each designed to test the various systems of driverless cars, systems such as steering and braking systems, and systems such as general automobiles, as well as unmanned computers and sensors. Parts and so on. This self-driving car uses software to control the journey, and the top device is used to observe the road conditions.

Google said: "We have integrated all relevant systems into this full-function car. This is our first completely unmanned prototype."

In addition, in order to comply with the regulations of the California Motor Vehicle Authority, Google will use manual controls on the brake pedal during testing. The company expects that the prototype will enter the test track during the holidays and make its debut on the streets of Northern California sometime in 2015.

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