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What does exercise and fitness play without music? Music can not only awaken your passion, increase your excitement, but also help you to step on the spot while you exercise. Beat the beat to make the movement more rhythmic! Of course, these are the earliest earphones for exclusive sports. Today, the author takes you to meet the musicians from the Skullcandy XTplyo movement. Let's take a look!


The outer packaging is not much different from the ordinary headphones, the cover can already be seen is a bright pink. Aunt Zhang really understands me! A 1.80m grandfather with this color of the headset is absolutely bright! With the headset there is a same color skull bracelet! Gray is cool!

On the back is the headset security code, parameters and Skullcandy XTplyo warranty terms.

When opening the package, the author found that the original pendant on the package can also be used as a bracelet. One black and one pink, one big and one small, just a boy with a girl can bring one, couple bracelet design is very intimate ah!

After opening, remove two very hearty bracelets, other accessories are the same as most headphones, storage bags, small clips, earmuffs.

The length of the entire headset is: 120cm. The wire is very thin, but it's quite flexible. Even if you crumpled together, it won't stir together, but the thin wire gives a feeling that it's like a break!

Looking at the details, this sports headset is quite conspicuous compared to other HIFI headphones that have a small “fin” part that stands upright on the unit. According to the official description of Skullcandy, this is called “triple locking technology” and it fits the fins. Technology, sticky viscose technology, and fixed technology to better fit earplugs and ears together. When it is guaranteed to exercise, it won't fall off because of shaking!

The earphone plug uses an L-shaped design. The splitter is actually dead and cannot be adjusted. It's a bit disappointing. There is only one button on the headset, and you can click to call or play/pause the music. Next song, press three times to play one! Almost all of the places have a cool gimmick with Skullcandy's brand elements, and it's still very stylish!


Let's take a look at the actual experience, this headset is absolutely you can not throw off the "sticky goods" whether it is the sister's small ears, or my fan ears, whether it is shaking his head, or drag will not fall off, As a sports headset stability is absolutely perfect!

In the actual sports experience is still very good, because the wire is fine, smooth and elastic. Therefore, the control of the stethoscope effect during the running is fairly good.

The design of the remote control position is also relatively reasonable. It is conveniently located near the neck and is convenient for people to make and receive calls.

Because this headset's "fin" is a fixed size that cannot be replaced, there is still a difference between the small ear and the big ear.

When aerobic exercise is sweating a lot, Skullcandy's “Triple Locking Technology” will also firmly hold the earphones in your ears without slipping. But such solid fixation will cause some ears to feel uncomfortable.

Sound quality

Finally talk about the sound, as a sports headset, in terms of sound quality is absolutely impossible to compete with the HIFI headphones, XTplyo gives people the first impression is that the bass is very full. Listening to rock, heavy metal, and rap are very exciting. The style is similar to beats' noodles. The vocal sensation is far away, because XTplyo has a lot of low frequency, making the sound a little confusing, but the sound field is pretty good! If you are not accustomed to it, you can adjust it through the earmuffs. XTplyo is equipped with two “ambient sound” earmuffs that can significantly reduce low frequencies and provide insight into the surrounding sound. When used outdoors, it is also a guarantee for safety!

to sum up

The earliest Skullcandy sports headphones, personally think that it is still very worthwhile to start with, high reflective material wire and "ambient sound" earmuffs design is very considerate in terms of security, plus the unique "triple locking technology" Whether you are in the gym crazy stepping on a spinning bike, or riding long-distance running outdoors do not have to worry about the trouble caused by the slide, anti-sweat and dust-proof design can cope with most of the harsh weather, although the low-frequency sound quality is too heavy, but as A sports equipment is not necessarily a bad thing, after all, exciting music can stimulate people's excitement, and the price in the early 300 seems to be sincere, the most important thing is to send a couple bracelet, you can buy to your beloved sister holding hands It is really good to think about sports together!

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