Expanding 4G market Sequans announces second-generation LTE platform

As the mobile communications market gradually shifts to LTE, global WiMAX telecommunications companies have joined the LTE camp; in order to assist the operators to continue the compatibility of user services and smoothly transition to LTE, Sequans CommunicaTIons released a new generation of LTE platform, providing dual-mode combined WiMAX / LTE The solution, as well as the baseband solution supporting FDD and TDD LTE, is expected to meet the needs of the most mobile devices with optimized solutions and further expand the 4G mobile broadband market.

According to the data released by GSA in October this year, the number of 4G networks worldwide using FDD and TDD LTE is rapidly increasing. Currently, 248 telecom operators in 87 countries around the world are committed to commercial LTE network deployment or field testing and testing, a rapid growth of 60% compared with a year ago. 35 telecom operators in 21 countries have deployed commercial LTE networks, and GSA expects to increase to 100 by the end of 2012. In addition, before the third quarter of this year, a total of 48 manufacturers worldwide launched 197 LTE user devices.

Regarding the network applications supporting TDD and FDD LTE, Shang Deming, general manager of Sequans China, pointed out that the company uses a new generation of basic frequency solutions of FDD and TDD LTE system single chip, which can support frequency bands from 700MHz to 3.5GHz, Meet the various needs of LTE / WiMAX equipment manufacturers.

The Mont Blanc LTE platform uses the SQN3120 FDD / TDD LTE baseband system single chip, designed for mobile routers, CPE and hostless USB network cards. The product includes an LTE baseband modem, a customer-programmable integrated application processor and SDRAM packaged in a 10 x 10 x 1.04 mm size, which further reduces the footprint and cost of mobile routers, CPE and ISB network cards.

The Andromeda LTE platform uses the SQN3110 FDD / TDD LTE baseband system single-chip, designed for small LTE mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. The first WiMAX / LTE dual-mode solution uses the SQN5110 dual-mode baseband system single chip that integrates FDD / TDD LTE and WiMAX. This product is also the core of the Sequans 4Sight network migration and coexistence initiative, and it is expected to assist operators in achieving a smooth transition from WiMAX to LTE.

Seuqans invests 80% of its research and development expenses on LTE chips and dual-mode WiMAX / LTE chips. Shang Deming said: "As 4G networks gradually move towards LTE, telecom operators including Sprint and other mobile WiMAX networks will make users face network services that are not compatible with 4G LTE. This is Sequans, which started with WiMAX, is investing in 4G LTE. The occasion also brings a new business opportunity in the dual-mode market. "

Sequans' new baseband chip adopts 40nm CMOS technology and micro package, which can achieve low power consumption and high performance. It supports up to 150Mbps of type 4 transmission and 700MHz to 3.5GHz frequency band. It can support all FDD and TDD LTE networks in the world. .

In addition, Sequans also provides the RF transceiver RFICSQN3140 combined with the Andromeda platform baseband chip SQN3110 or dual-mode SQN5110 and the Mont Blanc platform baseband chip SQN3120 to provide a total solution for various cost-effective TD-LTE end-user equipment manufacturers , Such as smart phone, MID, tablet computer, router, CPE, data card, USB network card, PCI Express MiniCard or Half MiniCard, etc. The third-party RF dedicated to FDD LTE equipment can target the LTE frequency bands not covered by the SQN3140 RFIC to ensure the integrity of its global solutions.

Sequans has also signed an agreement with Fujitsu Semiconductor to combine Fujitsu ’s 2G / 3G / LTE RF solution MB86L12A with Sequans ’LTE baseband solution to support all major frequency bands worldwide.

Sequans will supply samples of next-generation LTE solutions from December this year.  

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