Everlight Electronics' consolidated revenue in February was NT$1.4 billion, a 13% decrease

Due to the Lunar New Year holiday, the total number of days is only 28 days and so on. The total number of shipments of Yiguang is less. The consolidated revenue in February was only NT$1.444 billion (the same below), and the monthly decline was 12.64%. However, from the cumulative point of view of January-February this year, Yiguang's performance is bright, the cumulative consolidated revenue in the first two months reached 3.096 billion yuan (Note: January consolidated revenue of 1.652 billion yuan), an annual increase of 15.86%.

According to the industrial cycle, LED backlight demand has gradually weakened since the fourth quarter of last year, and the demand recession trend will continue until the first quarter of this year, plus the first season of the Lunar New Year, the number of working days is small, etc., usually the first The quarterly revenue performance will decline from the fourth quarter of last year.

The legal person believes that the LED order will gradually warm up after the Lunar New Year, and will enter the industrial peak season from March. If the combined revenue of the third quarter of last year is 4.943 billion yuan, the revenue of Yiguang will reach 1.85 billion in March this year. Yuan can challenge the peak season revenue target. Compared with the previous two months, the off-season revenues were 1.652 billion yuan and 1.444 billion yuan respectively. The company's March revenue has the opportunity to reach more than 1.8 billion yuan, showing that the operation is not weak. Performance.

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