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As environmental protection concepts and low-carbon technologies continue to integrate into society, energy conservation and emission reduction are increasingly affecting and changing people's lifestyles. Energy-saving home appliances have gradually come to people's eyes. In this year, energy-saving subsidies are also included in flat-panel TVs, guiding consumers to healthy consumption and environmental protection. Today, the author will show you the energy-saving technology of mainstream color TV brands. Interested friends may wish to know about it.

For an LCD TV, since the backlight is turned on, the backlight (CCFL) is always lit as long as the television is turned on, thereby consuming a large amount of power. Although companies producing LCD TVs have made a lot of improvements in terms of power supply from power supply circuits and drive circuit design, they will not be able to fundamentally solve the problem of high energy consumption of LCD TVs. The main reason is that the maximum energy consumption of LCD TVs is The backlight of the display.

Due to the lack of domestic flat-panel TV companies in the core technology of flat panel display, compared with Japanese and Korean companies that master LCD screens produced by the upstream chain, they still lag behind foreign brands in LCD energy conservation. In order to reduce the power consumption of LCD TVs, home appliance companies are required to change CCFL cold cathode light sources. At present, the industry is optimistic about LED (light-emitting diode) backlights because of its energy-saving advantages, so it is being adopted by more and more color TV companies. In order to distinguish it from other color TV companies, very colorful electric manufacturers have developed different environmentally-friendly and energy-saving flat-panel TV sets.

Domestically, the current mainstream color TV companies all have their own energy-saving technologies. Under their impetus, flat-panel TVs have achieved steady and healthy development.

Changhong "Intelligent Light Sensing System" Energy Saving Technology

Changhong's "intelligent light sensing system" energy-saving technology can automatically determine the brightness of external light intensity or signal input through the sensor chip, and automatically change the brightness of the backlight to achieve the best visual effect and energy saving effect.

Hisense's green energy-saving technology

Hisense's green energy-saving technology is first divided into power consumption design to reduce standby energy consumption, improve the conversion efficiency of the traditional single power mode, and adopt a new power system structure to improve overall conversion efficiency. Dynamic backlight control technology and low energy module design are adopted in the whole system.

Secondly, in terms of reducing standby power consumption, the main power supply circuit voltage is completely cut off during standby by adopting a new design and rational use of CPU I/O and relay control, thereby achieving standby power consumption ≤ 1W.

Konka intelligent energy-saving technology

Konka's intelligent energy-saving technology has achieved energy-saving goals mainly through improvements to screens and chips. Through the powerful driving of the ten-core core, the operating system, application program, TV signal, network operation, multimedia and other sub-modules are revolutionized, and timely intelligent self-checking of LCD screen, chip, color, etc. can be effective. It reduces the loss and prolongs the service life of the TV. At the same time, it can also increase the running speed when the TV is frequently operated, and control the TV operation when not operating, realizing humanized intelligent control and energy saving. It is reported that Konka LCD TVs with intelligent energy-saving technology can achieve more than 52% energy savings in the system.

TCL's natural light technology

TCL's natural light technology is mainly composed of two technologies: LCD polarized light technology and backlight modulation. In nature, most of the human eye sees natural light, and it is more comfortable to see, but the light emitted by the LCD TV is polarized light, which is quite different from the natural light seen by the human eye. Long-term viewing can make the eyes uncomfortable and tired. According to relevant information, the adoption of this technology is 50% more energy efficient than LCD TVs that do not use this technology.

Skyworth “Intelligent Power Saving System Optimization Solution” Energy Saving Technology

Skyworth's "Intelligent Power Saving System Optimization Solution" energy-saving technology is based on SPP (system, screen, power) power-saving platform, through the application of screen change technology, Chi Mei AGT super-power screen, power-saving power supply and circuit optimization program, A new generation of energy-saving mode that saves power from LCD to TV from standby to system operation.

In terms of foreign-funded color TVs, Sony, Sharp and LG have developed their own unique energy-saving technologies. Flat-panel TVs using these technologies not only become more energy-efficient, but also have a more stylish design.

Sony "Idle Standby and Light Sensor Function" Energy Saving Technology

Sony's "free standby and light sensor function" energy-saving technology is achieved through a combination of a series of technologies. Such as: through a series of intelligent energy consumption adjustment technology to minimize energy consumption; idle standby settings and computer power management functions, can effectively control energy consumption, such as idle standby mode, after a certain period of time without any operation, the TV will Automatically enter the "sleep" state, thus saving energy; the light sensor function is installed on the TV, which can automatically adjust the brightness of the image according to the brightness of the environment, thereby reducing unnecessary energy consumption.

Sharp "Intelligent Light Control (OPC Optical Image Control)" Energy Saving Technology

Sharp's "Intelligent Light Control (OPC Optical Image Control)" energy-saving technology can automatically adjust the brightness of the backlight according to the changes in the lighting conditions of the viewing environment of the TV, thereby achieving the purpose of energy saving.

LG "Smart" energy-saving technology

LG's "smart" energy-saving technology can automatically adjust the backlight with low power consumption according to the environment. On the basis of ensuring the viewing effect, adjust the screen brightness, standby power consumption and screen off, etc., to maximize the power consumption. . Among them, large/medium/small/closed/automatic 5-speed integrated backlight control, screen off, standby micro-power consumption function can maximize the energy saving effect of the TV.

Of course, the ultimate goal of technological advancement is to serve the users. When we understand the various energy-saving technologies that TV manufacturers have tried their best, how to fully utilize and play them requires each consumer to start from their own side. For example, to develop the habit of caring for color TV, consciously purchase products with environmental protection and energy saving effects, and so on. It is believed that only energy-saving and environmentally-friendly technologies can truly achieve low-carbon life and green consumption after truly integrating environmental awareness.

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