Data interpretation: How smart is the smart light bulb?

Data interpretation: How smart is the smart light bulb?

With the popularity of the concept of smart, more and more businesses began to launch smart home products. The smart home is different from our common traditional products. On the basis of practicality, the smart home has many features such as interconnection, security, durability, and true wisdom. It is a home-based product that realizes self-monitoring and remote management. In terms of smart lighting, smart light bulbs have gradually become no strangers. What is the difference between smart light bulbs and ordinary products, and let us break them down today.

Data interpretation: How smart is the smart light bulb?

12 million kilometers remote control

When we still stay on the switch to control the lights, smart light bulbs have made it easy for you, as far away as the other side of the globe, to take control of your home lighting. The smart light bulb mainly relies on its internal embedded IoT communication module to realize the Internet access, relying on the cloud service platform to connect the smart terminal in the user's hands, so no matter where you are, as long as you have a network, you can easily control the light in your home. .

90% super energy-saving capacity

Energy saving has always been a major selling point for smart home products. Because the product itself can make certain judgments about the indoor environment, it can also adjust its own lighting pattern according to these conditions. The smart light bulb uses an LED cold light source. While it itself has no pollution to the environment, the power consumption is one-tenth that of incandescent light bulbs and half that of fluorescent light bulbs.

25 years of long life

The cost of buying a smart light bulb is higher, but its useful life is also an absolute advantage over a normal light bulb. In general, the average incandescent lamp life is about 1000 hours, while the energy-saving lamp life can reach 6000 hours, and the life of the smart light bulb can reach 10-25 years, basically can maintain an ultra-long service life of more than 80,000 hours. .

$260,000 in sales

In the beginning, smart light bulbs may still be a little strange word for us, but with the smart homes being optimized step by step, smart light bulbs have also been favored by more people. Especially for the younger generation, this type of economical and cost-effective technology product often makes people want to give it a try. Taking a smart light bulb on the creative product platform Kickstarter as an example, the bulb has been launched for a price of US$69 so far and sales have exceeded US$260,000.

Four advantages compared to traditional smart bulbs

Remote control

Remote control can be said to be a big opportunity for many people to choose smart home products. Whether they are now common smart water heaters, smart air conditioners, or smart light bulbs we are talking about, our control over our homes is no longer limited to switches and remote controls. , Through the APP on the mobile phone or tablet, we can switch on the light bulb, brightness adjustments and other operations, which also allows you to have a bright home waiting for yourself every day before going home.

Intelligent monitoring

At this stage, many consumers left home with a completely "unknown" status. In addition to not knowing the operation of home appliances, it is sometimes necessary to repeatedly confirm whether doors and windows are closed or not. The smart home is such a savior of "obsessive-compulsive disorder." Through smart terminals, we can clearly monitor the operation of home appliances, adjust the light level, and check whether lights are turned off.

Linkage use

The so-called smart home product is a concept application of the Internet of Things. The smart light bulb not only stays in one of its own transformation operations, but also can be used in conjunction with other electrical appliances in the interior to sense the use. For example, when you send a sleeping command or make a sleeping action, the lights can automatically dim and go out, and the appliance can go into silent mode.

voice control

Although most smart home products are not yet able to achieve this kind of control effect, this is also an inevitable direction for the development of smart products and a basis for identifying mature smart products. When Apple put forward the concept of HomeKit, it also said that it needs to be able to cooperate with Siri. In the end, smart light bulbs need to be able to go beyond our smartphone or tablet and use our language to operate.

Grab the point and choose the right smart light bulb

Recognize product features

Regarding smart home products, there are many “pseudo-intelligent” products due to the lack of a clear specification in the industry at the current stage. Internet, remote control, real-time monitoring, etc. are all basic elements of a smart light bulb. Attention must be paid to its detailed functions when purchasing.

Beware of low price traps

The price of smart light bulbs is much higher than that of ordinary household light bulbs. For many consumers, prices may be missed due to smart products. For smart light bulbs with lower prices, consumers must be vigilant when buying. , LED light source price difference is mainly reflected in the reliability of LED and light failure, the appearance of the process and other properties above. Low-priced products have poor current resistance, poor temperature and humidity changes, fast light decay, and short life span, and are inferior products.

Focus on energy consumption

Energy saving is a major feature of smart home products, so consideration of product energy efficiency is also indispensable when purchasing. The brightness of a smart light bulb is equivalent to a 40W incandescent lamp, but its energy consumption can reach one-sixth of that of a 40W. Most smart bulbs that consume too much energy are just simple products that use intelligent tweezers.

Check heat dissipation

Smart light bulbs use LED cold light sources, which heat up much lower than incandescent light bulbs during normal operation, and if the heat dissipation is not good, light bulbs will suffer from large light decay at high temperatures, so it is necessary to check the bulbs in time. The work and heat dissipation conditions avoid light bulbs that flash quickly when lit and off.

Open connection trial

The smart light bulb smart effect, the key is to look at its actual operating experience, so before the purchase is best fully try the trial product, connect the mobile phone APP test the sensitivity of its operation, and then determine the purchase.

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