CJJ 45-2006 Urban Road Lighting Design Standard


According to the requirements of the No. 104 Document No. [2003] of the Ministry of Construction, the standards preparation team conducted in-depth investigation and research, carefully summarized domestic and foreign scientific research results and a large number of practical experience, and comprehensively revised this standard on the basis of extensive solicitation of opinions.

The main technical contents of this standard are: 1. General; 2. Terminology; 3. Lighting standards; 4. Selection of light source, lamps and their attachments; 5. Lighting methods and design requirements; 6. Lighting power supply and control; Standards and measures.

The main technical contents of the revision of this standard are: appropriate increase of lighting standard values, increase of lighting regulations in pedestrian zones, pedestrian road lighting regulations, and energy conservation standards.

This standard is managed by the Ministry of Construction and explains the mandatory provisions. The editor-in-chief is responsible for the interpretation of specific technical content.

The main editor of this standard: China Academy of Building Research (19 Chegongzhuang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, 100044).

Participated in this standard: Beijing Street Light Management Center Chengdu Street Light Management Office Philips Lighting (China) Co., Ltd. Eddie Lighting Group Corporation Toshiba Lighting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Youchang Xiteke Lighting (Langfang) Co., Ltd. Thorn Lighting ( Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Ningbo Shuaikang Lighting Co., Ltd.

The main drafters of this standard: Li Tienan Li Jing Sun Weiping Shu Shutang Zhang Jianping Yao Mengming Song Wenkai Xu Dongliang Zhuang Jianyi Yuan Jingyu Chen Liqing

1 General

1.0.1 To ensure that urban road lighting can create a good visual environment for drivers and pedestrians of various vehicles, and to achieve the purpose of ensuring traffic safety, improving transportation efficiency, facilitating people's lives, reducing crime rate and beautifying the urban environment, standard.

1.0.2 This standard applies to the lighting design of new, expanded and rebuilt urban roads and special places connected to the road. It is not applicable to the design of tunnel lighting.

1.0.3 The design of road lighting should be carried out in accordance with the principles of safety, reliability, advanced technology, economical rationality, energy saving and environmental protection, and convenient maintenance.

1.0.4 In addition to complying with this standard, road lighting design should also comply with the relevant national standards.