China Ceramics has a holding subsidiary to enter the field of sapphire materials

On September 19th, China Porcelain Materials (300285) announced on the evening of September 19th that the company signed a “Cooperation Agreement” with Zibo Xinmeiyu Alumina Co., Ltd. on 14th. The company plans to jointly establish a joint venture with Zibo Xinmeiyu in Dongying City, Shandong Province. Established “Shandong Guohuan Xinmeiyu Alumina Co., Ltd.”, engaged in R&D, production, sales and technical services of high-purity ultra-fine alumina.

The registered capital of the joint venture company is 10 million yuan, of which, the company contributes 7 million yuan in cash, accounting for 70%; Zibo Xinmeiyu contributes 3 million yuan in cash, accounting for 30%.

According to reports, high-purity alumina materials are mainly used in LED sapphire substrates and window screen sapphire. Lithium-ion battery separator ceramic coating is one of the main application fields of high-purity ultra-fine alumina materials. With the increasing attention to the safety performance of mobile power and the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the demand for this material will also increase. The larger the high-pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp and transparent ceramics required for LED ceramic packaging, is also one of the main applications of high-purity ultra-fine alumina, which currently maintains a growth rate of about 15% per year.

China Ceramics said that through this investment, the company will enter high-end new materials such as new energy materials and sapphire materials. The company will make full use of Zibo Xinmeiyu's experience in the high-purity alumina material industry, give full play to the advantages of China Ceramics in terms of capital, product development and quality control, and rapidly expand production capacity, striving to grow into domestic high-end in a short period of time. Leading company in alumina materials.


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