Buying and not buying really tangled "home appliances extended warranty" service reliable?

After the home appliance has passed the warranty period, it will cost itself to repair, and often the maintenance cost is still scary. Nowadays, there is another new service - the extended warranty service for home appliances. As long as the money is spent, the warranty period can be extended. In the extended warranty period, the national three-pack policy can also be enjoyed. It sounds beautiful, so the money is in the end. Value is not worth spending

Innovative far infrared heat pad, the most efficient and reliable tools for providing suitable temperature for your pets.

1. The heat transfer rate is up to more than 90%, saving energy and
2. The honeycomb circuit has planar heating, and the effective
heating area accounts for a large proportion, about 90% of the
product area, and the heated object is heated more evenly
3. Radiate far-infrared light wave, making the heat source softer
4. Wide circuit and connected design, no need to worry about
crimping the circuit break
5. Add the thermostat protection device, which can ensure the
product safety under bad conditions and effectively prevent the
superhigh temperature of the object being heated


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